Calling Captain Obvious!!!!

Before I get into all that – here’s the restaurant review from the seafood joint. It was downright amazing!! Take a look around!

So anyway, if there was ever a doubt in my mind about this whole gluten intolerancy thing, this past weekend would have smashed it into smithereens. I felt sick after our meal Friday night, a rock-in-my-stomach-feeling that unfortunately carried into my morning run on Saturday; I literally felt hung over. I usually don’t drink any water at all during a 3 mile run, but this nightmare of a belly issue had me downing a water bottle full of Nuun the entire way.

Naturally, I didn’t each much all day. I was hesitant to do so, but took a gamble with a small lunch and steered clear of anything I was questionable about, and of course everything was fine. I drank water like a fish and by the time the sun started going down I finally felt semi-normal. Sunday morning I made a bone headed move, tearing into a pancake the husband made, before realizing that I shouldn’t have had it. Luckily, I had smaller consequences, but I still felt it. Fast forward to that night, and we’re at a cookout – I spotted hamburger buns and my stomach about leapt into my throat in protest. Again, I was a complete idiot, because instead of politely passing on certain foods, I ate them because I didn’t want to seem rude.


I told The Optimist last night that I need at least two days of ‘reseting’ my body. I’m not saying that I’m avoiding food completely – but the importance of eating gluten free has never been so clear to me. I was miserable all weekend, and I cannot ignore the fact that this happened, even if everyone out there thinks I’m crazy. It affected nearly everything about me – I was irritable, my stomach felt like it was in knots, my run suffered [ps – IT band issues are back] and trust me, that’s not the worst of it… you don’t want to know that part.

So here’s to hoping things are back to normal soon. Real soon. REALLY REALLY soon.

Calling Captain Obvious!!!!

2 thoughts on “Calling Captain Obvious!!!!

  1. Ah, hope Your feeling better soon!

    It’s hard to accept that we can’t eat certain foods, I thought that gluten was my evil, turns out it was eggs! Still, I keep putting miracle whip on sandwiches(only till i run out and can buy veganese).

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