Bonking, Bonkalicious, Bonkabonk, Bonkafied

Before we delve into my little pity party, here are some links to light for your life 😉

Friday I gave some personal beginner’s advice for what to expect for your first spin class

Saturday involved a round up of Friday’s activities; Costco, a mile [and two mile] PR, and dinner.

Sunday finished off the weekend in style, with amazing weather and more running, as well as family activities.

wow this room is clean…



I am encountering this like crazy lately. This happens EVERY training cycle, and I cannot for the life of me, understand why.

I will go out and run longer distances like they’re nothin’. 10 miles? Got it. Total ease, almost perfect splits, and I comfortably run the entire thing at my goal pace without the thought of ever stopping.

Fast forward to the middle of the week, where I encounter the shorter runs, and I’m toast. Short runs MESS with me. 3 miles? You would think I’m on it like white on rice. But I’m not. The first mile, I struggle – my breathing is off, my form is horrible and I just want to go home. The wheels seem to fall off before I even leave the neighborhood. Forget speed work/tempo runs/hill work/a variable of any kind. I stop numerous times, mentally beating myself up along the way.

I’m not burnt out – my legs are stronger than they’ve ever been; I’m not injured or fatigued more than any other stay at home mom. I look forward to every single run… it doesn’t feel like a chore to me, and every time I step out for a run, I try NOT to think of my dilemma. Emotionally I’m in check, overall. I say ‘overall’ because after these heinous runs, I can’t help but berate myself. “You KNOW you can run faster than this”  “What is WRONG with you?!” “Seriously, you ran faster when you were pregnant”…

I look into everything possible – poor nutrition, poor hydration, not enough sleep – 9 times out of 10 it’s totally inexplicable.

Phew. Maybe just getting this worry off my chest will relieve me of this little burden. I took some days off this past week, and maybe that’s what I need to get my mojo back…

Bonking, Bonkalicious, Bonkabonk, Bonkafied

3 thoughts on “Bonking, Bonkalicious, Bonkabonk, Bonkafied

  1. I’ve had issues with the same thing. My pacing feels all off, my legs just don’t feel right, never really settle into it. Always on the shorter runs too, never long ones. I think it has something to do with your body knowing it’s short and wants to go fast, but your brain reminding it it’s not a race, and you just confuse yourself a lot, lol.

    1. Haha!! So true, except I’m bonking at a slower pace!! I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m running the on a whim, as opposed to long runs, where I’m preparing for them almost 24 hours in advance.

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