Sunny Sunny Sunny Saturday

It was downright gorgeous yesterday.

We started the day off right, with a family run with ‘wear blue: run to remember‘. It was also social Saturday, so we hung out afterwards for coffee and bagels, mingling with the group until we decided Silly decided to have a meltdown…

After a couple of hours spent at the humble abode for her nap time, we went out once again, because it was just too darn gorgeous to stay indoors. We didn’t have anything in mind except to go out for gelato…

Mmmmm Tiramisu flavored gelato

But then we decided to head to the PX to get some household goodies. This is the view we see from the parking lot

You can see that, right??

We then decided to wrap the day up with a visit to Solo Point.

Chilly water!!
totally mesmerized by the water
Sunny Sunny Sunny Saturday

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