Fantastic Friday

Point Defiance for dinner

The day started off with Costco. That totally set the bar for the day, because we all know Costco is that darned amazing. I am happy to report that I did NOT get the trail mix, although a bag of these chips did sneak their way into my cart.

There was also Jamba Juice involved. I haven’t had this stuff since I was pregnant with Silly!! It’s as delicious as I remember.

"Mommy, GOOD!!!"
Aaaaah, straight from the heavens

After we were done being bums and laying around [more like The Optimist made us run], my cousin and I set out for a run. He wanted to do his mile time trail, and I wanted to do a mock 5k. My cousin pushed me like crazy, and I hit my mile PR at 8:18. Not only did I hit this, but I maintained it for another mile! It felt amazing. My last mile point one came in at 8:23, so I definitely PR’ed my 5k but I don’t want to count it until it’s an actual race…

From there we showered up and went out to dinner. This will be recapped on The Mighty Rib eventually, so keep your eye out for that…

Now we’re off to bed so that we can head out for a family run in the morning. Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend!!!

Fantastic Friday

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