Fate, Brooks, and SHOES


Talk about a running trifecta. 

We were on the way back from picking my cousin up from the airport, and I decided to take him to the local running store, South Sound Running. He’s a very accomplished runner, and I figured he would enjoy scoping out a store different than his usual Texas digs. Plus there’s a cupcake store adjacent to it, so I’ll admit that I had alterior motives… 

Anyway, we all know the debacle that ensued when I tried to switch shoes up [soleus and calf issues] so in going back to Brooks, I stuck with what worked. Enter the Ghost. The line of shoes that I have been been faithful to  since I first bought them in 2008. I’ve always found myself really liking this shoe, and I’m still walking around in the retired ones. In fact, I was using the first generation shoes today as I was walking around Tacoma. 

So we went into the store, and in the back of my mind I remembered I’m nearing the mark of the “replace this shoe” mileage on my most recent pair. For kicks and giggles I asked to try on the Ghost 4’s and I was hooked. As always, this shoe fit like a freakin’ glove. The employee could tell I was torn about buying them on the spot; I didn’t necessarily need them right away, but I knew I’d be coming back withing a couple of weeks. He commented, “Ya know… this shoe came out today… the east coast doesn’t even have them yet, and you’d probably be the first person in the state buying these…” SOLD. 

And in case you were wondering, I was probably the only runner in the world who DIDN’T run yesterday. I didn’t really have time, plus it it was freezing/super rainy all day and I didn’t want to get my new kicks dirty. 😉

behold the beauts


Fate, Brooks, and SHOES

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