Staff Duty Ramblings

So husband is doin’ his Army thang and manning a desk for 24 hours. This is the kind of post that kind of just goes on because I have nothing else to do….

– #illbeatchoass is trending on Twitter. At first, I was wondering why “i’ll beat chaos” was both misspelled and trending. I looked at it for a few minutes, then sadly realized that I am getting old, as it apparently means “i’ll beat your ass” in some kind of hoodlum speak.

– Justin Timberlake needs a semi-regular spot on SNL.

– I posted my tailbone fiasco up on facebook and received the following varying responses.

serious enough question...
oh yes, they went there
napoleon dynamite anyone!!?
you can always count on family to be honest

I was laughing pretty hard at this varying exchange of comments, and decent advice didn’t come until after I already published this post, and I’m being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to do anything about it. 😉

– Speaking of spinning, I got my BUTT handed to me today. My instructor could have been mistaken for Terry Crews.

total badass

– Finding shows on DVR you neglected to watch is like finding money in a random coat pocket.

– Especially if those shows are American Dad!

– I finally bought a swimsuit, so I can drown with style swim laps.

– It’s June 1st, and National Running Day. Ironically, I don’t plan on running today. BUT YOU SHOULD!!!!

Staff Duty Ramblings

5 thoughts on “Staff Duty Ramblings

  1. I know exactly what you mean! For the longest time I wondered why Avril Lavigne’s song was titled “What the hell” because I sincerely thought she was saying “wondering how”. I laugh at myself every time I hear the song now.

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