I Confess……..

stupid design. who thought of this anyway!?!

– That my husband was right about the new laundry detergent. It leaks everywhere, even after I wipe up after it… I think I’m done furiously trying to conceal the fact that it drips.

– I find Fingerling Potatoes so creepy. I get that they look like nubby, fat fingers, but did they have to NAME them that!? I mean honestly. They should have named them “best for a salsa breakfast scramble” potato.

– Elmo is wearing on me. Juuuuuuust a little.

Seriously. It gets old.

I have the most irrational fear ever… This isn’t like, “teehee, yeah that’s kinda unnerving” – I will admit that I tend to start shaking and think up the worst possible circumstance ever when I’m in a parking garage. In both Ohio and Texas, it wasn’t so bad. They were typically above ground, spacious, and had spots big enough for my car. Naturally, Washington does not follow suit. Theirs are underground, cramped,  and the size of the parking spots is a downright joke. Seriously though, UNDERGROUND???? Doesn’t Seattle get earthquakes?! Just thinking of this is making me a bit claustrophobic, and I have to stop. I don’t know why this bothers me, as above ground parking garages can crumble as well. BUT STILL. Scary.

– I’m not so sure that I do planks correctly. I love the workout, feeling the burn, and I especially love sore abs the next day. But whyyyy is it so stressful on my shoulders? Are planks the world’s way of telling me I should also do push ups? Because I probably should.

– Every time the Sun Drop commercial comes on, I can’t help but just laugh.  It’s that stupid, but I can’t help it.

– Drinks that are “zero calorie” confuse the crap out of me. How is just not water? How is there taste, without calories? I mean really. They’re gotta come from somewhere, right?? PS – why doesn’t this apply to cupcakes?? focus people!!

– My dinner last night was hot chocolate and trail mix. I regret nothing.

in my belly, now; please and thank you
I Confess……..