Quick Update……

Lots going on here.

You guys know I love you all, correct?? Mmmkay good.

Saturday was spent … I can’t remember. My little brother came in that night [yeeeeeeeeeee!], and we spent Sunday in Portland. We hung out with family; went to VooDoo Doughnuts, the street market, and started to head home. The Optimist began getting stuff together for work, when he received a call saying his dad was in the hospital.

Thank God, everything is fine now. The past 48 or so hours have been non stop. Husband hopped on a flight immediately [i.e., that night], and while he was gone I had to run some work errands for him and clean the disgusting mess of a house we live in… 7 loads of laundry, 2 dishwashing loads, 3 articles, 3 miles, two blog posts and 10 combined hours of sleep later, here I am. It has been INSANE here, but it is now cool, calm and collected.

His dad is staying in the hospital for another week, as there is an infection in his foot that they have to remove, which consists of many surgeries in the next few days. The prognosis is very good, but please keep our family in your prayers!

I am so lucky to have my little brother here, and about a million distractions [food related, of course]. Husband will be gone until Sunday, and until then there’s still a lot to do. I will be writing a post completely about Portland, because it was a TON of fun that just must be documented!! I also have snippets of food stuffs for you, and of course, running related crap to share. I still need to finish/post that open letter to Fort Lewis soldiers 😉

Quick Update……