Weekend Roundup

I’ll use pictures, mainly because I am way too pressed for time to come up with words.

kiddo and her Ponga

Of course, this picture was snapped at the German Pastry & Coffee Shop. We can’t figure out why Silly calls my mom “ponga”. “say ‘daddy'” “DAAH-DEEE”. “say ‘mommy'” “MOM-EEEE”. “say ‘grabue'” “POOOOONGAAAAAAH”. I’m guessing this is not the only time I’ll just sit and scratch my head at what my child says.

a little bit of work

A picture I snapped while I was covering a story. Hundreds turned out for an amazing gesture – cleaning the headstones of fallen soldiers. A very humbling and unique experience, it was downright amazing in every sense. I was lucky enough to document this and meanwhile meet some pretty amazing people; organizers, young ROTC cadets, run of the mill civilians Vietnam vets, and of course, America’s Soldiers 🙂

more family!

A quick visit from The Optimist’s side of the family. They were sweet enough to come up from Portland, and we had a blast. We also hung out with my cousin, as he gave us a tour of the Microsoft campus. I can’t believe I don’t have pictures of this…

The view, all day Sunday.

We hit up the Farmer’s Market in Olympia, and then we were off to the outlet malls in North Bend. You guessed it – downpour, all day long. Can someone please send me a small handful of my beloved crunchy, brown Texas grass?? Anyway, we saved over $100 in our Nike purchase alone, so I’ll chalk this one up to a win. Thaaaank you, Kyle. By the way, please slow down so that the rest of the Hopkins clan can catch up.

too delicious for words.

Hot chocolate is amazing. Hot chocolate made from real Lindt chocolate flakes – is FREAKIN’ amazing. Plus, it reminds me a bit of Janae, and that always makes me smile and reach for my sour patch kids.

Ok people, my manic Monday has hit the ground running, and we have a TON to do today. Finish up some freelancing, head to Costco [please call my husband if I’m not out within one hour], run, and we get to finally end the day with a dinner visit from my oh-so-splendid-tremendous-remarkable neighbors!

Weekend Roundup

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