A Day in the Life

Stay at home moms don’t ALWAYS just sit around and eat bon bons all day you know. We flitter around like maniacs, sometimes count the minutes until nap time, clean up about 293,843 times a day, text each other about what ridiculous stuff our kid is doing, and plan outings/play dates with one another so we don’t lose our minds.

My day usually starts at 630ish, with the kiddo immediately asking for Elmo and a bottle. Zero ‘good morning’ or ‘I love you mommy, let’s just cuddle on the couch’. Nothin’. After kiddo is content, I usually start a pot of coffee right away, quickly followed by breakfast. This usually coincides with The Husband coming home from PT, and we get to hang out for 45ish minutes before he’s off to work.

working in pajamas. be jealous.

Between morning wake up and naptime, Silly and I will typically stay home, unless I’m going to spin class with my rad neighbor. I will work on some freelancing, which usually takes all morning becuase I also want to spend adequate time with my little tornado. We color, practice letters and counting, eat cheese, sing, dance, and sometimes climb on things to get a better view of the ‘outsingd’ [outside].

I promise she is not fresh air deprived.

Silly will take her nap anywhere from one to two hours, in the 1030 to 1 pm time frame. That’s a huge range, and it’s typically determined by what we’re doing, her energy level and distractions. With that said, there are times where she is way too distracted to realize she’s sleepy,and that’s when I put my foot down and basically make her go to bed. Mother of the year.

During nap time, you will find me doing one of two things – running around the house like a mad woman, trying to clean every room, do dishes, inhale lunch, grab a quick shower, make some quick phone calls… or you will find me on days like yesterday. Where I took a very long, relaxing shower after catching up on Young and the Restless. That’s right. Young and the Restless. I watch it. I then made an omelette way too big for my belly, but ate it anyway. I then sat on my butt for the remainder of her nap time, reading blogs, watching DVR’ed Sister Wives, drinking a ton of water, and planning that day’s run. So yes, some days I relax and take time for myself. Why?

Because I have lists of stuff to tackle in the next 24 hours…

Yes, that says tri article. How cool is my gig? 🙂

After crazy child wakes up, we usually don’t stay home. Whether it’s running errands, or going to the playground, I try and get us out as much as possible. I’m still kind of new to the area, and I’m finding stuff to get into, which is awesome – there’s always something to do here. So that it’s not cutting into “Daddy Time”, we will sometimes go running, or Silly will beg me to go “pway” [play]. This means she wants to go to childcare at the gym, and I will cringe, because I hate going to the gym… She is my little motivator though, and I’ll knock out some weight training or do speed work on the treadmill.

After we’re done doing whatever, we come home and the almighty husband swoops in from work and will play/distract/rein in the kiddo while I make dinner. This is followed by inhaling our food over conversation about each other’s day, then bath time for Silly rolls around, and she will fall asleep around the 9 pm mark. From there, The Husband will sack out as well, and I am left in silence to make a blog post, sneak a Ghirardelli square, and watch American Dad! until my eyes close.

I LOVE this show.

Tonight my mom flies in for a week long visit (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I can barely contain myself. I am so excited to see her, and cannot wait for her visit!! I have a ton to do beforehand, and yes, that does include grabbing some cupcakes – of course, with aforementioned rad neighbor 🙂 We have called the cupcake outing a celebratory “congrats on making it halfway through the week, here is a cupcake to make it until friday” event. Have a great Wednesday 🙂

A Day in the Life