Yes, I Still Run

Hello! Hope the weekend treated all the Mommies out there with awesomeness and gifts. I had an amazing weekend, and was reminded exactly how blessed I was for having both The Husband and Silly in my life. It’s crazy how caught up in life you can get; between the frustrations, ups and downs, hectic schedules – you really just need some time to smack you in the face and say, ‘HEY. Count your frickin’ blessings!!’. This past weekend did just that, in various ways.

I felt a cold coming on, Friday morning. I hate being sick, and will usually do anything in my power to avoid taking medicine. But, I don’t want to spread it to family, and my mom is visiting soon – I wanted to make sure I’m back to 100% ASAP. Between the DayQuils, cough drops, and overall gross feeling, I have been totally out of it all weekend. I feel like I’m 10 seconds behind on conversations, and my energy level is zero.

Over the weekend we had my brother in law and his girlfriend come up for a visit, and we were able to go out for a nice little family run. And by ‘nice little family run’ I really mean, “9 miler in rain, wind and cold temperatures while I push the stroller/parachute system that held a napping Silly”. It was a blast though, and to be honest it was one of the easiest long distance runs I’ve ever done.

That night I FINALLY made the pecan pie, and this time it was edible. 🙂

Mother’s Day was spent being pampered, and my amazing loving husband surprised me by buying my a laptop. He’s crazy like that. I love him to death, and will be forever grateful for him.

And to Silly- thank you for giving me the best job ever. It might be crazy, frustrating, lesson-learning, humorous, and challenging; but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for allowing me this amazing experience, and I look forward to the journey ahead of us.

Yes, I Still Run

7 thoughts on “Yes, I Still Run

  1. Sounds like a fantastic run! 9 miles (had to convert to kilometres in oder to understand how far that is). Way to go girl! Something about running in the rain that always makes me feel so powerful, sorta like “take that mother nature – I’m still gonna run!”.

    1. WHOOPS!! I don’t know my miles to km’s, unless they’re popular race distances! I draw the line at running in strong wind though 🙂

    2. Irene says:

      Nice to meet another Canadian here 🙂 tho’ not a Mom nor a Runner (although I hope to get back to trying that again).
      I’m on the West Coast.

      This is the converter tool I use – often – when “Speaking to Americans” [Rick Mercer reference ;)]
      This is about what I’ve “memorized”
      10 km is about 6.5 miles
      10*C = 50*F

  2. I am impressed you made it 9 miles with the stroller. Our record is 7, and it involved stopping about every half mile for a snack attack. Still you do what ya gotta do. Happy belated Mother’s Day.

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