7 Heavenly Virtues Recap


Compare/contrast. Ebb/flow. What life’s all about right?

Yesterday was all about 7 deadly sins, so today it’s all about 7 heavenly virtues. Basically, me, in a nutshell. 😉

CHASTITY : I boldly led us the wrong way, and took us for a 10 minute long detour while searching for a park today. Purity of thought through education? Check. [only because my neighbor figured out my mess though. I had nothing to do with it.]

ABSTINENCE : Self control? Tons of it. For example, I did not kick my husband under the table when he was chomping ever so loudly on his chocolate bits embedded into his ice cream.

LIBERALITY : Where’d he get said ice cream? This lady. Brought it home as I ran out to buy a new toothbrush.

DILIGENCE : I deep cleaned the entire house today. All before noon. If that isn’t diligent I don’t know what is!

PATIENCE : 20 month old daughter. Patience is a must have.

KINDNESS : I stayed out in the living room to blog/twitter/facebook/watch American Dad incessantly, instead of bugging my husband until the wee hours of the early morning.

HUMILITY : Neighbor is like a human GPS. I am horrible with directions, and she should be in charge of all maps, at all times.

7 Heavenly Virtues Recap

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