7 Deadly Sins Recap


Wow. Yesterday held so much running potential, and I didn’t do squat!! Observe.

PRIDE : I can put down some german pastries like nobody’s business. I can also eat cake, purchased from that same bakery, for dinner. For lunch I had chips and salsa, and a bag of Sour Patch kids. I am proud of this.

GREED : It was a gorgeous, beautiful day and I did nothing but sit around the house and stuff my face. Bad Micki.

ENVY : I am envious of my neighbor, because I know she has ice cream sandwiches in her freezer, compared to my lame 90 calorie popsicles.

ANGER : What my stomach gave me.

LUST : I seriously thought about having some Pop Tarts before bed.

GLUTTONY : Have you been paying attention!?

SLOTH : Bleeeh, instead I just slept off the yuckiness.

Hopefully today I can tackle some Heavenly Virtues 😉

7 Deadly Sins Recap

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