May 3rd, already!?

blogging furiously about her strawberry and edamame salad

What a busy weekend. You know you have been stalking the news sites and watching WAY too much new coverage, when Osama bin Laden makes an appearance in your dream about the Royal Wedding. Yep, busted.

Running has been going well – surprise, surprise I am not sticking to my training plan very well. I’m hitting the long distance part of it, and the rest of the week is fluff. Between picking up the freelancing gig, being an awesome mom, solidifying my role as the rockin’ wife, planning hummus and cheese parties with my hilarious neighbor, and being an all around busy bee while trying to dodge the weather here… time for a run is sometimes crammed into a 30 minute treadmill session at the gym. Less than ideal.

Also, blogging takes a back seat. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would miss me. But, this morning over breakfast, my husband pointed out the date of my last post, and I got a minor slap on the wrist. “I READ IT!!! Your mom reads it. Your friends read it!!” While this may be true, but I didn’t realize he had that much free time. Maybe from now on I’ll read my blog posts aloud to him while he does the dishes 😀

Yes, I am back, I swear. Even if it’s a short blurb, I will do my best to post daily. I just don’t know about posting like I did during the snow storm in Oklahoma. You know, 7 times in 3 days. Ridiculous.

PS – Would anyone be interested in buying my Garmin 110?? I’m offering $130, but will trade it for a BOSU ball and Sour Patch Watermelons.

May 3rd, already!?

10 thoughts on “May 3rd, already!?

  1. We’ve got that same IKEA chair! Well, we had to change out the cover because of the kids. It’s red…but now I am rambling.

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