I Confess……..

stupid design. who thought of this anyway!?!

– That my husband was right about the new laundry detergent. It leaks everywhere, even after I wipe up after it… I think I’m done furiously trying to conceal the fact that it drips.

– I find Fingerling Potatoes so creepy. I get that they look like nubby, fat fingers, but did they have to NAME them that!? I mean honestly. They should have named them “best for a salsa breakfast scramble” potato.

– Elmo is wearing on me. Juuuuuuust a little.

Seriously. It gets old.

I have the most irrational fear ever… This isn’t like, “teehee, yeah that’s kinda unnerving” – I will admit that I tend to start shaking and think up the worst possible circumstance ever when I’m in a parking garage. In both Ohio and Texas, it wasn’t so bad. They were typically above ground, spacious, and had spots big enough for my car. Naturally, Washington does not follow suit. Theirs are underground, cramped,  and the size of the parking spots is a downright joke. Seriously though, UNDERGROUND???? Doesn’t Seattle get earthquakes?! Just thinking of this is making me a bit claustrophobic, and I have to stop. I don’t know why this bothers me, as above ground parking garages can crumble as well. BUT STILL. Scary.

– I’m not so sure that I do planks correctly. I love the workout, feeling the burn, and I especially love sore abs the next day. But whyyyy is it so stressful on my shoulders? Are planks the world’s way of telling me I should also do push ups? Because I probably should.

– Every time the Sun Drop commercial comes on, I can’t help but just laugh.  It’s that stupid, but I can’t help it.

– Drinks that are “zero calorie” confuse the crap out of me. How is just not water? How is there taste, without calories? I mean really. They’re gotta come from somewhere, right?? PS – why doesn’t this apply to cupcakes?? focus people!!

– My dinner last night was hot chocolate and trail mix. I regret nothing.

in my belly, now; please and thank you
I Confess……..

VooDoo Doughnuts

this doesn't happen daily, i swear.

You’ve seen it on the Travel Channel, Man Vs. Food, and the Food Network. That crazy place in Portland that has bacon covered donuts and bubble yum inspired morsels. We went there this past sunday, and…………

you’ll have to check out THIS site for details.

While you’re there, take a look around. Bookmark it. COME ON PEOPLE IT’S ABOUT FOOD. You won’t regret it. Promise.

VooDoo Doughnuts

Self Timer?? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Please don’t mind the no makeup, ratty mom hair look. If you think these are bad, be happy you can at least close the browser window, unlike my poor husband, who sees this daily.

OH!! Hello Camera. I didn't see you there.
Oh so classy.
My personal favorite.
I look like an old man.
On the way home...
just Vogue'in away...
Minding my own Vogue'in business...
But SOMEONE in the backseat did not appreciate...
and my brother proceeded to squish my face...
At this point I couldn't stop laughing
I will never Vogue again...
Self Timer?? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Quick Update……

Lots going on here.

You guys know I love you all, correct?? Mmmkay good.

Saturday was spent … I can’t remember. My little brother came in that night [yeeeeeeeeeee!], and we spent Sunday in Portland. We hung out with family; went to VooDoo Doughnuts, the street market, and started to head home. The Optimist began getting stuff together for work, when he received a call saying his dad was in the hospital.

Thank God, everything is fine now. The past 48 or so hours have been non stop. Husband hopped on a flight immediately [i.e., that night], and while he was gone I had to run some work errands for him and clean the disgusting mess of a house we live in… 7 loads of laundry, 2 dishwashing loads, 3 articles, 3 miles, two blog posts and 10 combined hours of sleep later, here I am. It has been INSANE here, but it is now cool, calm and collected.

His dad is staying in the hospital for another week, as there is an infection in his foot that they have to remove, which consists of many surgeries in the next few days. The prognosis is very good, but please keep our family in your prayers!

I am so lucky to have my little brother here, and about a million distractions [food related, of course]. Husband will be gone until Sunday, and until then there’s still a lot to do. I will be writing a post completely about Portland, because it was a TON of fun that just must be documented!! I also have snippets of food stuffs for you, and of course, running related crap to share. I still need to finish/post that open letter to Fort Lewis soldiers 😉

Quick Update……

10 miles later………….

I set out a few hours ago to do a long run. My A Goal was 10 miles, B was 8, C was 7. Before I even stepped out the door I knew that I was going to hit 10.

Yes, I am alive, and all is well!!!

How do you know when you’re going on a long run? You pack a snack for the kiddo and lather her up in sunscreen before you head out. You pack the post map, and remember to throw your nuun in the fridge so you have your recovery drink nice and cold by the time you get back. During the run your husband sees you 3 times while running work related errands and pulls over to talk to you twice. Your toddler gets her entire afternoon nap in and upon waking up shouts out “run? more? run???”. I think at that point, we were both ready to go home.

With that said, it was an amazing run. I mentally bonked from about mile 7.5 to 8.5ish, and looking back on fluid/calorie intake the past 48 hours, I was NOT prepared to run 10. Buuuuuuuuut I did it anyway, and I promised my legs that if they got me through it, that I would reward them with an ice bath and foam rolling. 10 miles, 1:33, 9:21 pace. I will take it. Thank you legs, you deserve way more credit than the brain does.

By the way, the gu roctane island nectar flavor is DEEEEEEEELICIOUS. Good luck trying to get me to use anything else.

Ok friends. I am off to meet a friend for coffee, then hang out with my husband after his very demanding work week. Have an amazing weekend, I know I will!!! My little brother is coming to visit – GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

PS – I am composing an open letter to the soldiers of Fort Lewis. Tune in on Monday for that…

10 miles later………….

Passion, Drive, the “want to” for…….

For awhile now I’ve been trying to think of something to do. Not just “hmm, I should switch up my spin and run day” or “maybe I’ll go wild and have CREAM in my coffee instead of milk”. I have always had the pull to do something bigger than myself. Sometimes I feel as though I’m stuck in a prepetual Groundhog Day; the same routine at home, the same boring routes, the never ending laundry baskets… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life, and wouldn’t trade it for the world – I want to be a part of something.

I have been stalking reading EMZ’s blog for awhile now, and was touched by her 24 hour, 100 treadmill, charity run. My awesome neighbor is passionate in teaching for her church, and juggles this with being a fellow Army wife and stay at home mom. My amazing mother is a member of the Blue Star Mothers in her Ohio chapter devoting a lot of time to this, and my dad has started going with her as well. My brothers have spent countless hours; both by the soccer sidelines and the pool, coaching kids to their full potential. Jon, of course, was devoted to shooting the crap out of silhouettes 😉 There’s a healthy amount of bloggers out there, fundraising, spreading awareness about what they hold dear to their heart.

In all honesty, I would be thrilled/excited/moved to tears about going back to my comfy/amazing/life changing status with the Air Force. I struggle with this daily but things have changed since I joined in December of 2006. I have done my time; and I am a mom and wife first. I would be absolutely heartbroken if the slightest chance of both parents deploying would ever come up – that’s my personal opinion. There are parents out there that have, and I look up to them and applaud them for their service.

I have done the Wounded Warrior Project fundraising. It went amazingly well, and I crossed the finish line with pride that day, holding back tears as to what the half marathon meant to me. As I have said before, soldiers will always, always, always, always, always, always, hold a VERY special place in my heart.

So, next best thing to not being in uniform? I’ve decided to stick with what I already know – I want to do something for those injured in combat.

The Wounded Warrior Project has a ton of opportunities for volunteering – unfortunately there isn’t really much in my area, except for a Soldier Ride taking place in September. So far, that is in the back of my mind, heck I don’t even own a bike. I want to meet with soldiers, even if it is just once a week. I’m kind of flying blind here, in San Antonio there was a Wounded Warrior Project office, as well as an entire part of Medical Center there devoted to injured soldiers.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my ramblings. I’m going to go comment on blogs so people don’t think I hate them. I promise, it’s just me being lazy. I’m reading them, I SWEAR!!!!

Passion, Drive, the “want to” for…….

Weekend Roundup

I’ll use pictures, mainly because I am way too pressed for time to come up with words.

kiddo and her Ponga

Of course, this picture was snapped at the German Pastry & Coffee Shop. We can’t figure out why Silly calls my mom “ponga”. “say ‘daddy'” “DAAH-DEEE”. “say ‘mommy'” “MOM-EEEE”. “say ‘grabue'” “POOOOONGAAAAAAH”. I’m guessing this is not the only time I’ll just sit and scratch my head at what my child says.

a little bit of work

A picture I snapped while I was covering a story. Hundreds turned out for an amazing gesture – cleaning the headstones of fallen soldiers. A very humbling and unique experience, it was downright amazing in every sense. I was lucky enough to document this and meanwhile meet some pretty amazing people; organizers, young ROTC cadets, run of the mill civilians Vietnam vets, and of course, America’s Soldiers 🙂

more family!

A quick visit from The Optimist’s side of the family. They were sweet enough to come up from Portland, and we had a blast. We also hung out with my cousin, as he gave us a tour of the Microsoft campus. I can’t believe I don’t have pictures of this…

The view, all day Sunday.

We hit up the Farmer’s Market in Olympia, and then we were off to the outlet malls in North Bend. You guessed it – downpour, all day long. Can someone please send me a small handful of my beloved crunchy, brown Texas grass?? Anyway, we saved over $100 in our Nike purchase alone, so I’ll chalk this one up to a win. Thaaaank you, Kyle. By the way, please slow down so that the rest of the Hopkins clan can catch up.

too delicious for words.

Hot chocolate is amazing. Hot chocolate made from real Lindt chocolate flakes – is FREAKIN’ amazing. Plus, it reminds me a bit of Janae, and that always makes me smile and reach for my sour patch kids.

Ok people, my manic Monday has hit the ground running, and we have a TON to do today. Finish up some freelancing, head to Costco [please call my husband if I’m not out within one hour], run, and we get to finally end the day with a dinner visit from my oh-so-splendid-tremendous-remarkable neighbors!

Weekend Roundup