Weekend Recap


Yes I’m alive. Sometimes it’s nice to unplug. OK I lied, sometimes it’s nice to be lazy and not post for awhile. To be honest, life was super busy last week and I was soaking up every second of it.

I nailed my 6 miler, at a pace that was probably too fast for me [8:46]. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I suck at running slow. My ‘comfortable’ pace is 8:30ish, and now that I know I can run this pace, that’s all I want to do.

Bad Micki.

I credit the awesomesauce run with the playlist I had. The credit THEN goes to the amazing Tiffany, because in reality I was looking for my M*A*S*H dvd set, and came across old cd’s, and got way too distracted. From old Kanye West, to some smooth Patsy Cline – it was all on there, and I was rockin’. I SERIOUSLY wanted to stop and dance around numerous times, and it took everything in my willpower to not. Nobody needs to see that.

That’s about all I have for now. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow. Or Wednesday. *sigh* 😉

I am off to make calls, write write write, clean, eventually have lunch, foam roll/stretch, possibly run again, and STOP freaking out about the gait analysis on Thursday. Gah!

PS – I apologize to the community of Fort Lewis, namely North Fort, those in the barracks and the Shoppette. I’m sure you were all blinded by my pale legs, and I meant no harm. To my knowledge, I didn’t cause any wrecks, but if you would like to donate to my Buy Micki Full Length Tights Fund, I would totally understand. 

Weekend Recap

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