Every Thorn has a Rose.

No, that’s not a typo. Monday and Tuesday were downright horrible. Everything I touched/attempted went south. I got caught in hail during a run [with the stroller, mind you], burnt my finger, had issues with Silly’s shots, dealt with traffic, had stomach problems, was beyond irritable, ran into snags with work, had my Running Warehouse order cancelled [UGH], the garbage disposal quit working, the dogs were driving me crazy, – you name it, it was raining chaos here and I felt so incredibly defeated.

I felt run over.

Hit by a bus.

Emotionally drained.


Hating it.

Nothing helped.

Had tears in my eyes from the frustration, and totally felt like giving up.

I focused on the phrase, You won’t ever get a rainbow, without going through some rain. The proverbial, mental tsunami paid off.

Yesterday, my amazing neighbor invited me to a spinning class. I cringed, no lie. But I replied with an RSVP before my brain could think of an excuse not to go. I’ve never done a spinning class, mainly in part to my hating being on a stationary bike [the same reason I hate the treadmill, ha!] – the scenery sucks, I don’t feel like I’m getting a workout, yadda yadda. Um, yeah, I got my ass handed to me. It felt amazing, and just the breath of fresh air I needed to reset. THANK YOU JANA!!!!

From the second I walked out of the spinning room, good fortune started to show up here and there. Kiddo is in a great mood, I made an appointment for gait analysis [!!!!], and all is well. Then, the FedEx guy shows up with my new little toy, a sewing machine. I. Am. PUMPED. I don’t know what to tackle first. PJ’s for the little one, a yoga bag, a Kindle cover, I just don’t know!!!

Here’s the kicker – my little brother is making his way over to the US. I could seriously cry form excitement, and to be honest, I’m sure I will – numerous times. My stomach is filled with butterflies, and while I might not see him right away, it doesn’t make me any less excited. I cannot wait to see his number flash across my phone, I probably be a blubbering mess and he won’t be able to understand me, but that’s ok. He’s my little brother, and him being on safe soil is all I care about.

Ok kids. I’m slowly but surely getting back to normal. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. How quickly time flies when you wallow in self pity. Let’s not do that anymore, ooookay??

Every Thorn has a Rose.