Baking Fiasco? Not in MY House.

I have this problem. It’s a late afternoon snacking problem. I definitely eat enough at dinner, and really, the snack is by no means detrimental to my well being. I usually opt for the healthy – fruit, yogurt, granola [sometimes all 3]. Sometimes I’ll sip tea, or drink some extra water; successfully staving off the the urge to snack. Then there’s a snack attack like no other, where I want to eat chocolate filled burritos with a side of cheesy jalapeño french fries until I pass out from gastrointestinal distress.

The latter is what happened on Tuesday night. I was fresh out of chocolate, burritos, cheese, jalapeños and french fries, so THAT didn’t happen… I stood there with the pantry doors wide open, gazing at all the yummies I couldn’t have since they weren’t gluten free. Hummus and carrots would not do the trick. Then I spied with my wayward eyes, a pack of gluten free brownie mix I brought home from our recent Bob’s Red Mill expedition. BOOM, winning. I got to work.

no, those aren't tiny shards of glass in the mix.

Got to the mixing, and that’s were it took a turn for the awkward. The mix turned super thick, and the mixer could barely mix it. Honestly, it was thisclose to resembling dough. I was super skeptical about this, and re-read the directions about 57 times before I just gave up and threw it in the oven. The package said it should be done in 15-20 minutes, but mine had to cook for about 30; no biggie. Just sat there salivating for 10 extra minutes. 😦 Gave me time to catch the Bean cheesin’ though 😉


Crazy child.

And now, time for the big reveal…


BEHOLD!!! Beautifully baked breathtaking brownies!!!!!!!!

So yeah, they were awesome. But my stomach did not think so. That night, I had stomach issues; I had horrible nightmares, and spent the next morning with a headache and an overall feeling of “UGH”. Dinner was not the issue, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

There’s only about half of the pan left [hey, my husband ate them too, and loved them…] but I’m not so sure I’m willing to eat them ‘just to see’ if that’s the culprit. Maybe some other time. Not eating something that makes you feel like crap seems like a no brainer, and to me it’s just not worth it. 😉


Baking Fiasco? Not in MY House.

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