Texas Themed Thankful Thursday

– My brother in law did a visual ‘drive by’ of our house, to make sure it was still standing. It was, and he sent us a picture. I’m so thankful that he took time out of his busy day to do so! I miss this house so much and want to keep it forever.

– Pat Green. He’s the reason my husband and I started talking. Between his music and concerts, we’ve had some pretty special memories thanks to Mr. PFG.

– I’m thankful, and always will be, that my husband has a pretty rad job that has the opportunity of taking us all over the world. While I miss Texas, I’m grateful we have a pretty unique life.

– Rudy’s BBQ sauce. Again, enter my BIL and his amazing wife. They gave us a HUGE bottle of this for Christmas, and I am constantly making meatloafs with it, using it for wraps, or dipping *insert food* here in it. I would have cried if it wasn’t gluten free, and I’m not kidding.

– Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love King of the Hill. Therefore, I am grateful for late night Adult Swim reruns of King of the Hill. Just can’t enough of Dale Gribble and the gang.

– Miranda Lambert’s latest cd, Revolution. Its seriously a great album, and I love every song on there. My husband gave it to me for Christmas, and its the only cd allowed to play in my car. Just ask him, he’ll attest to that.

– My Roger Soler’s shirt. I’ve had this shirt for almost 3 years now, and I frickin’ love it. Yes, I’m sentimental over a shirt, and I’ll probably never get rid of it. If you’re in the San Antonio area and need a running/tri store, Soler’s is the way to go.

aaaaaaaaaaw yeah.

– One non-Texas themed thankful thingy… I love working out at a military gym. Free classes, free onsite childcare, free pool, badass amenities… you name it they have it. Plus, it’s less than 2 miles from my house. As if that all wasn’t enough, it’s pretty motivating to hop on a treadmill for some speed work, noticing that your neighbor is bookin’ it at 6 minute miles, and going on his 4th mile. The other day I caught myself grunting through ab work, only to notice that my mat-mate was on his 5th set and dripping sweat like a man beast.

Texas Themed Thankful Thursday