Running Recap

As promised!!

Last Friday, my husband’s work wanted to do a Family Fun Run. I was on board immediately, as we all know I always jump at the chance to run with him. The Army does stuff like this to boost morale, and to give the families a glimpse as to what exactly they do every day. Cue 445 in the morning, and my morale was not boosted in the least – in fact, that lazy bum was still in bed, and it didn’t care what I had planned for the day. Silly was an amazing sport, as usual, and had a blast. We stretched together, ran in formation together, and we watched as they did their post run formation. It made me miss the runs we would do in the Air Force; I could swear I was back in Basic Training – It was so much fun, and I hope they do this again soon.

Tired from all the excitement!

The highlight of the run was when they presented the kiddo with an award as an honorary Dragonslayer. Not even 2 and slayin’ dragons. Geez. Talk about over-achieving…

I posted some Goals for Spring yesterday, and once I stopped doodling all over my training plan, I figured that this is how I’ve been doing so far…

3 for 3. Kind of. But not really.

Sunday went well, but Monday I didn’t get around to my 3 miler, and for a pretty good reason. Well, I think it’s a good reason – I was busy making dinner, and the meatloaf smelled too delicious. I wish I was kidding. I literally sat and watched the timer by the minute, and darn near burned my tongue while I was going in for the kill. I don’t even remember what sides we had, to be honest…

BUT Tuesday fared better, as I combined the missed workout with that days workout – 3 miles, with 5 x 400 at a 5k pace. This was kind of a bust, because I honestly don’t know what my 5k pace is. Horrible, right? Before my run, I researched some, and came to the conclusion that I should probably get around to doing Jeff Galloway’s Prediction Formula. The next sunny, dry day we have, I’ll definitely do this.

3 miles at a 8:31 average pace

I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t think I tried very hard. At 8:06, I felt like I could have gone all day, and I dipped into the 7’s, to prove to myself that I could. Could I run at a 7:53 pace for a 5k? I have no idea. But I wouldn’t mind finding out. After this workout, I think I’m even more eager to do the mile test. I’m also keeping in mind that this was on a treadmill, and I personally think that the treadmill is way easier than road running.

The gym here on post holds classes, and no joke, there is one held every Monday – “Hips, Butts, & Guts”. UMM, could it BE any more clear!? You know where to find me on Monday morning. I have pretty high hopes for this class. The gym also provides a free “body fat, flexibility, strength, aerobic fitness and blood pressure” test, all I have to do is sign up for it. Again, smacked me right in the forehead – DUH. I need to get on that last, and asap. I’d love to know what my numbers are like prior to the race, and the days leading up to it.

I’m off. Tomorrow is a special Thankful Thursday, and Friday you’ll get a special post about a baking fiasco turned miracle. I’m still in awe.

Running Recap

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