Goals for Spring


I know. Spring started like, forever ago. But, apparently Washington did not get the memo, as it is still in the 50’s, and incredibly gloomy/windy/not very springlike.

Anyway, I thought it would be ideal to make some goals for Spring and post them. Not only do you guys get to laugh at my silly little goals, but it makes me feel somewhat accountable.

So here goes nothin’.

– Follow my training plan. … I know. I heard a laugh track too. Maybe I’ll just follow the long run schedule and make up the stuff in the middle. Meh.

– Find out exactly what it means to “be like a G 6”, and if I want to, in fact, be anything like a G 6.

– Lose 5 pounds.

– Gain hip/glute strength, and strength train at least once a week. You might laugh about the once a week thing, but I currently don’t do it AT ALL. So I had the IT Band thing right? I stretched, did hip/glute workouts, foam rolled – but only until I felt better. Bad Micki, BAD.

– Act more like a chick. I grew up with 3 brothers. I do not ooze femininity. Lace, glitter, dolls, nail polish, anything girly is just not my bag. But it needs to be. Granted, running shoes will always out number pretty lady shoes, but I should at least make an effort to not look like a washed up frumpy mom.

– Crosstrain. I haven’t been on a bike in years, and the last time I was in the water was last Fall for baby swimming classes. I’m pretty sure the last time I swam actual laps, was before The Optimist¬†and I even ever met.

– Try a new recipe every week. I’m not saying I make the same thing every single week, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to add some things to my repertoire. Plus, if it doesn’t turn out, we go out for ______ and everybody wins.

– Teach Silly more letters, shapes and colors, and finally get the whole “counting to 3” thing down. She used to say “Oooone, Twoooo, YAAAAAY!!!!” But now she’ll just ‘count’ things but say two. “Twoo, twooooo, twooo, two, two, TWWWOOOO!!!!”

– Designate a deep-clean-the-house day. I hate to say it, but I would rather combine every single goal listed above into one day. I loathe deep cleaning. The bleach smell, the dry eyes, the sneezing from dust cleaning, ugh, I just do not like it. But it must be done.

Hmm. I think those are some pretty decent goals, and totally attainable.

All I need to do is watch some motivational videos from Peyton Manning’s MasterCard days, and I can conquer anything.

Goals for Spring