Time for the Big Reveal

Caught your interest, didn’t it 😛 I’ll apologize in advance that there aren’t any pretty pictures to look at. This is a tad bit winded, as it’s a post that has taken 2 weeks to write, and a lot needs to be explained 🙂 If you’re not interested though, just scroll all the way down to the bottom with all the questions.

Long story relatively, kind of, but not really short… We all know that I have had stomach issues for awhile now. Awhile, being since little one was born in September of 2009. Bloating, pain, and some other things I feel squeamish about posting so I’ll spare you… At first, I figured, “Ok I had too much coffee” or “Hmm well maybe that sliced turkey was a little old” – sometimes I would even chalk it up to a hard run that messed my stomach up for a day or two.

Fast forward 18 months later, and I have had enough. This is not a fun way to live. Aside from it being just flat out NOT normal, things were getting progressively worse. Unexplainable daily headaches [I thought I was tired], irritability [tired, … although some might consider this a personality flaw ;)], horrible/morbid/disgusting/scary dreams [I blamed being stressed out, even though I really wasn’t] and skipping meals [I literally did not want to eat]. It never failed, that almost after every meal, there would be some sort of symptom happening. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it seemed as though just opening my mouth to eat would trigger some sort of distress.

Growing tired of all this, I did what anyone else who hates going to the doctor would do – took to the internet. Mom, I love you, please stop rolling your eyes at me. 😉 The more I looked into it, the more I thought that maybe I was intolerant to gluten. I will be the first to admit that I was 100% skeptical about the entire thing. Keeping an open mind, I  researched the topic further, wrote several emails to my favorite gluten free guru, and slowly started phasing gluten out of my diet. A strange thing happened though – as I found myself feeling better with a gluten free diet, I still wasn’t 100%. More emails, more researching, more ideas floating around the ol’ noggin. Being intolerant to gluten can go hand in hand with lactose intolerance, you say?? HMMMM. It all clicked.

Keep in mind that this was/is my OWN experience and I’m still keeping an open mind about it. With that said, it’s hard to ignore what my own body is telling me. I’m not saying that if you pass gas a lot, that you automatically need to eradicate all gluten from your diet. YOU know your body the best, correcto mundo?

I told you it was short! So why did I post this stuff!? [Because it’s my blog, duh, homie] And also, because it’s been 18 months, and I feel as though I’ve reached a breakthrough. Because I can finally stuff my face eat without the fear of regretting it 30 minutes later. Because maybe, just maybe, someone is going through exactly what I went through, and I can put some sort of bug in their ear, and have them realize that they don’t have to live with discomfort.

So, with all that said, can anyone recommend some decent gluten free bread?!?!!!! This brick of sliced something that I have, crumbles to pieces, and cannot take the force of my heaping-pile-of-almond-butter knifeload. I’m considering throwing it in the backyard for the birds, but I’m afraid that the dryness of the bread would cause the birdies to choke 😦

ANYWAY. Either WordPress is cushioning my numbers, or people are actually reading this thing… would you guys be up for a Q & A session? Ask me anything, I’ll answer. Ok, not anything, because that has some creep potential – soooo, ask me anything, and I might answer? HA. Whatever, just email me your questions. 🙂

Have you had an ‘A-HA!!’ moment recently?

What do you look forward to during Spring?

Time for the Big Reveal

10 thoughts on “Time for the Big Reveal

  1. Lately I’ve been thinking about eating less gluten and/or phasing it out completely, too. I feel bloated almost all the time, and it’s so uncomfortable! Granted there could be a million and one reasons why I feel that way, but it could be a worthy little experiment for my body.

    Anyway, I’m glad it’s working for you! You must feel so much better! 🙂

  2. A timely post!
    Here is sit on my couch, two babies crawling around and thankfully amusing theirselves, andi can barely function all because of a pizza hut pizza. I have been mostly gluten free since January(I have a bizarre rash I am trying to irradiate), and Thursday I was exhausted and my husband “cooked” I suggested gf pizza he said, nah, let’s have pizza hut. I have been off and on violently I’ll ever since.
    What ever you do, don’t go back to eating wheat or your body will make you PAY.
    As foe the bread, I eat pecan raisin bread it’s frozen and okay…

    1. Isn’t it weird?! I told my husband that I’m almost afraid to truly test this, meaning eating something that contains gluten, because of what I know it will do to me!

  3. Airin says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I have had “unexplained” stomach issues off and on for a while (years), but it’s gotten worse recently. My mom was just diagnosed with Celiac’s and wants me to get tested. Part of me wants to know, and part is afraid to know 😦

    1. It is definitely not a death sentence, and armed with the right knowledge and research, you can do this too! Trust me, it is worth the time and effort, to not have to live in discomfort anymore. You owe it to yourself to know. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you are figuring things out and feeling better! I love Udi’s bread or Rudi’s bread. Those are the best GF breads out ther. Udi’s bread has a coupon on their site. Go for it! keep me posted!

  5. I know what you mean about wordpress “cushioning” the numbers. 😀 I got 100 hits last Friday!

    So glad you were able to figure out what’s bothering you! (My sister is lactose intolerant and she tested once to see if it was the lactose that was giving her hives…something different all together…and ended up feeling miserable.)

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