Let Go :: Go On

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Yesterday was UGH. One big pile of disgusting, icky, nonsense, uninvited UGH!!!!!!!!!!

To recap :: The kiddo was [and still is] sick. I burnt my breakfast 😦 The granola I had been eagerly waiting to try, turned out WAY too sweet – and yes, I had to throw it away. The house was a complete mess, although I could have sworn I just cleaned it. More laundry had piled up, the dogs were tracking mud everywhere, my phone kept freezing, and the ever-growing list of errands kept … well, growing.

As I was getting snotty-clingy-whiny-sneezing baby girl and I ready to go, I plopped her on the couch so I could load the car, triple check my lists, wipe dog feet, and get dishes in the wash. I return to the couch, ready to tackle the errands, and I see this:

off to dreamland

I’ll admit it – at first, I was mad. “We have SO much to do, it’s not even time for your nap, what do you think you’re dooooing?!!!!!!”. But, I tucked her in bed, and figured it was for the best, since she is sick and needs her sleep. At first, I couldn’t help but feel as though we could be getting stuff done, but instead I took it as a blessing in disguise.

Annoyed and irritable, I sat down and started catching up on whatever part of my life is tied to the electronic world. The more time I spent perusing blogs, researching stuff, and just going mind numb; the better I felt. I put my head on the table, and just sat; feeling the negativity, annoyance and crappy attitude just let it go.

Into the kitchen I went, determined that there wasn’t anything chips and salsa couldn’t heal. I laid my eyes upon this little gem

um... reaffirmation, anyone!??!

Boo yeah. Instant uplift.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to April. We’re starting it the right way, and going to a Family Fun Run held by my husband’s work. I’ll recap on that sometime next week 😉

Have you endured any pranks today? Are you planning on pranking?


Haha!! WordPress got me good!!


Are you finally getting Spring-like weather?

Um, April showers right? Then yes.

Let Go :: Go On