Thankful Thursdays


– Hummus. DUH. I could probably eat this as a meal, at least once a day. It’s versatile [dippable, spreadable, everythingelseable], yummy, and healthy.

– My Texas towel. It’s huge, soft, fluffy, and it’s the Texas flag. What’s not to love?!

– Even though I am scrambling to write this post, I am thankful that this week went by so fast.

– My new Camelbak water bottle. While it’s kind of a pain to bite down and simultaneously sip on a straw [hey this is harder than it sounds] this also means my daughter can’t use it. And THIS means I don’t get surprised with floaty bits of backwashy string cheese.


Please ignore the dirty counter. Also, I do not have a lazy eye, I promise.

– Fake flowers. Yes, I like the real thing. BUT fake flowers also mean I’m not killing off yet another plant. Plus, the non-existent water isn’t a weird gray murky swamp, and little bits of dead whatever isn’t constantly falling onto my table.

– I am so incredibly thankful that my kiddo is not picky about food. Green beans, broccoli, sweet potato, chicken, fish, whatever – she’s down for the good stuff. With that said, she also likes Nutella. 😉

– Bug spray. It’s not the fact that they kill the bugs, really – if I could find a spray that would magically re-route the bugs outside through temporary, imaginary tunnels, I’d use it in a heartbeat. It’s the fact that I can stand up on the table, 10 feet away, in my safe zone; spraying away without getting near them.

– For the rain. All of it. Every single drop of it. I just wish it would take a break *sometimes*. Thankfully, I have a sense of humor about it.

hardy har har
Thankful Thursdays

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I love those Camelback water bottles! I pray that when I have a child that they are not picky. It’s one of my fears!!!

    1. I need to buy more! Just start ’em young, and don’t give up. There was a time where she hated green beans – now she eats more than I do [mainly because she’s stealing them from me ;)]

  2. lynn stiles says:

    If you freeze broccoli in a chunk about the size of your fist you can throw it far away from the house so the neighbors never suspect you are the one poisoning the landscape.

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