Happiness Is…


Hubby surprising me with baklava

Breakfast for dinner

A warm peanut butter cookie. And oatmeal raisin if you’re like my husband and can’t decide 😉

The perfect, effortless, endorphin releasing run

Getting your leg hugged after ‘cooking’ your toddler some banana, yogurt and granola 😉

A furry, fun loving, rope chewing, duckie tossing, happy-go-lucky mess of a dog [or two, in our case]

Watching nature wake up in your own backyard

A love note, or being inspired to write one


Have a wonderful Wednesday. Smile, y’all.

Happiness Is…

12 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Chechi says:

    ohhhhhhhh… so sweet!!! there are no words to describe how happy I’m for you! for Silly and Trevor too!!! Love you preciosa!

  2. I remember seeing a cross between a pug and a shepard. It had the body of a sheperd and the head of a pug. It was the ugliest damn thing I’d ever seen!

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