Monday Already!?


Here’s a glimpse of the impromptu, crazy busy weekend

– Ran with wear blue: run to remember [possibly made plans for another race… I know, I can’t help it]

– Visited with family. This included crossing the Oregon/Washington state line about 5 times 😀

– Went to Portland, and had the pleasure of eating at Bob’s Red Mill. *drool*

It didn't stand a chance!

– Had a crazy busy morning Sunday running errands, and a nice family dinner that night.

– In between all this madness, I was doing research for a little experiment I’m doing. Details later, but it’s going very well so far.

– This morning I’m going to a super secret meeting, and I’ll fill you in on it all if things pan out.

– We’re going back to Portland after my meeting, and don’t know how long we will be.

SO, lots of stuff going on, zero time to blog, but I promise I will fill y’all in soon! Until then, speculate away!

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Monday Already!?