Thankful Thursdays

This has saved me on many occasion


– GPS units. I will admit I have a horrible sense of direction. Someone could blindfold me, drive in a circle around my neighborhood, and I’d be convinced we were crossing the Canadian border. Don’t even get me started on the “Turn west on to such-and-such Boulevard” – Does a deer in the headlights look register?

– My little German pastry shop. I could be having the crummiest of days, but the time spent there is just heaven. The staff is incredibly kind, the pastries are beyond delicious, and even the regulars welcome you with open arms.

my beloved marzipan pastry, rhubarb coffee cake, and some amazing chocolate cake rum thing

– South Sound Running stores. The one in Tacoma is right next to a cupcake shop, and at the one in Olympia, an employee there gave me a good lead on where to start my quest to find the Pacific NW’s most delicious breakfast burrito. Oh, and their stores rock.

– That you remembered to enter my giveaway. 😉

– Non-Rock’nRoll-style pricing of any race distance. This speaks for itself I think. $110 for a half? I can run a full in Kent for free. Or numerous other distances for under $45. Aaah, the benefits of living in a health conscious part of the country!

THE MIGHTY RIB. They’re 1 today, so go over and check out the site, and wish them a HAPPY BDAY!!!

– Hot water heaters. Um, this is self explanatory. The worst time frame ever, is the time spent getting out of the shower and into a towel. Blech. But, until then, a steaming hot shower is just amazing sometimes. If you don’t believe me, see if you can stomach a bone chilling shower for the same amount of time you would savor a hot one. Yeah. Sends chills up your spine, doesn’t it?!

– My hair. I know, I know. I complain about it a LOT. It’s huge – it seriously takes up the majority of my driver’s license photo. It’s unruly. It’s frizzed out. It’s curly. It’s me.

OK, ok, it's not that bad.

– Last but not least, I am thankful for my readers. I might not get an insane amount of y’all, but I love blogging and am grateful that people take time out of their day to read what I have to say. For you, I leave this little ditty. It’s catchy, fun, energetic, and come on, who hates ABBA? I mean really. That’s like saying you hate puppies. I won’t allow it!!

Thankful Thursdays

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Youuuuuuuuuuuuu can daaaaaaaaance, youuuuuuuuuu can jiiiiiiii iiiiiiive, having the time of your liiiiiiiiife, oooooooo ooo ooooo…

    KK so that’s enough of that. I love your list! Thankful Thursday, indeed! 🙂

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