My Beef with Brooks Running Gear

shoes. obviously!!

It pains me to write this, honest. I have been a loyal Brooks wearer for years. It first started with the shoes, and loving the fact that I am running in my proverbial glass slipper. I still feel this way, don’t get me wrong – it’s not the shoe I have issues with. Seriously, I even took back a pair of Saucony’s once because I just couldn’t bear with splitting from Brooks. Well, that and they weren’t fitting 100%, but those are just details 😉

Not long after falling in love with their shoes, I graduated my brand snobbery to include clothing, and I also was quick to sign up for the Wear I.D. program. I was currently running in Nike tempo shorts, and was having an issue with the extra fabric. The other shorts I had were ‘ok’ but I knew there had to be something out there that I really liked. So, I saved my precious pennies, and dropped darn near $40 on a pair of shorts. Best purchase ever, so I kept buying some. Of course, we all know where this is going – I went on to buy shirts, rain resistant stuff, tights, and socks.

I very recently started buying Brooks’ clothing, I’ll admit it. Only in the past year and a half, have I seeked out only Brooks, on sale or not. But the stuff hasn’t even lasted me that long. The seams on the shirts tend to unravel quickly, colors fade, the pressed logo on the inside of the shirt is crumbling apart beyond recognition, and what’s worse is that the zipper threading on my jacket is frayed beyond belief, and I have to keep taking scissors to it. I even found a logo in my washer drum, totally intact, just not on my gear. 😦

I’m not running 100 mile weeks, I’m ‘tumbling on dry low’, I’m not washing it with sandpaper, I’m only wearing this stuff for running – so what gives? I like their style of stuff, the colors, the performance of it; just not the low quality of which it’s made. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing much Brooks stuff anymore. I’ve even considered branching out to a different shoe, but we’ll see. I currently have 7 pairs of Brooks floating around my house, and it would take a lot to get me out of a Brooks shoe – with that said, what got me into this mess was being SO close minded about brands. Yes, I will wear the stuff I currently have until I have to throw it out. Will I go out and buy Brooks? Probably not.

Brooks. I’m breaking up with you. Thanks for everything. It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s still be friends.

My Beef with Brooks Running Gear