Sluggish. Unmotivated. Drained.

I've totally lost motivation, and I don't know why.

Yesterday morning, I planned my run out. I mapped out a new route, made sure to hydrate, eat well, have the Garmin charged, and even planned to set out right after Silly woke up from her nap. She slept for 2 hours, and during those 2 short hours, any and all motivation went out the window. It didn’t just slowly fly out of the window, waving goodbye – it took a nosedive off a friggin’ cliff, into a river of lava, flipping me off the whole way down.

I caught it early, and tried to regain my composure by reading through your blogs, leafing through old Running Times/Runner’s World magazines, reading forums, and browsing Running Warehouse. Nothing did the trick.

Then, the weather caught my eye. “Ugh. Rain. AGAIN.” I checked the forecast, and it was going to do so for about an hour and then some [which later proved to be false]. By that time, our Army Man would be coming home from work/PT, and I’d be starting dinner.

Mind you, I was dressed, ready to run, at noon. I finally gave up, taking my shoes off at 6 pm – I actually continued to wear my running top until it was time to change for bed. As Silly was playing with toys after dinner, I found myself dozing off to sleep amidst the noise. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed, with some sort of contraption that would feed me ice cream as I laid there.

Clearly, I’m hoping this is a day’s worth of laziness, and nothing more. Today I think I might go down to South Sound Running and maybe pick up something to get my butt moving. Maybe a change of running venue is in order. Hell, maybe I was just tired and needed more sleep. Maybe maybe maybe maybe.

I’m ending this abruptly, because I have zero motivation to come up with anything witty.

Sluggish. Unmotivated. Drained.