Washington Rules to Live By

We haven’t been in the area long, but there are a few things you learn within a short amount of time here.

1. They are serious about their coffee. Goodness. There is a Starbucks on almost every corner in downtown Seattle, and in between there are a smattering of Seattle’s Best, Tully’s, you name it. Also, you’ll find that there are small coffee shacks [literally, shacks] in the parking lots of strip malls and grocery stores. Ridiculously awesome.

"40,039 search results for: coffee"

2. They take traffic violations pretty seriously here. Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way. We’ve heard that you MUST go the speed limit here, obey the HOV lane rules, use your blinker every time, etc. I’ve taken caution to do all these annoying little things, but we were surprised to find a parking citation under our windshield wiper in Tacoma. APPARENTLY, in Washington, they don’t have individual parking meters, but instead electronic pay stations. Most expensive cupcakes ever.

3. Bike lanes are just that. BIKE LANES. It’s glorious. Putting my beef with cyclists aside, I think this is pretty neat. Again, enforced.

4. At any given moment, on any given day, you WILL see a runner. Torrential downpour? 10 pm? 5 am? They’re out there. Crazy nutjobs. … 😉

5. Produce is all locally-ish grown. Aside from my Peruvian mangoes [viva Peru!], everything I have seen is either from Washington, Oregon or California. Mexican produce is completely absent, as it should be.

6. Ya know that ever annoying phrase about the weather? The one fail safe that someone always says, thinking they’re clever? “If you don’t like the weather in ___________, just wait 5 minutes, it’ll change!!! *chortle*”. I’ve never lived in area that proved this to be true, except for now. In a 30 minute time span, I’ve personally experienced hail, rain, and both while the sun was shining. I will never understand it.

7. People are FRIENDLY here. Maybe they’re delirious from all the rain, or their bodies are all feeling good and fuzzy from fresh produce, but people here are genuinely awesome. Where else on Earth would you make friends at a grocery store. DUH, in Washington, where you can stand around and rave about the quality of the bulk quinoa, hit it off and be BFFs.

8. It’s expensive. This might be me, slowly adjusting to the cost of living here. Oklahoma was dirt cheap, with internet service costing us a mere $15 a month. Here, it’s damn near triple the amount. I would be curious to see what our house in San Antonio would cost here, but the thought alone makes me cringe…

There you have it. Washington rules to live by for now. If you will excuse me, I need to go get my yuppie coffee whilst wearing galoshes, on the search for the perfect umbrella.

Washington Rules to Live By