Pita Chips and Cookies

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Yesterday was a pretty happenin’ day in the kitchen. I made pita chips for the first time, and they didn’t turn out half bad! In fact, the husband and I were eating them faster than I could make them – pretty embarrassing. It was very refreshing to taste a chip straight from the pan, and the combination of the cold hummus and warm chip was downright awesome. I also wanted to try my hand at this, because my mom has allergies to various oils/seeds, so to know that I could make this for her was great. Yes, the second batch has sesame seeds, only because I wanted some, and I figure if I eventually come down with the same allergy I wouldn’t have wasted sesame seeds when I was younger.

regular pita chips

sesame pita chips. forgive the wayward banana.

Naturally, I went on a run, and thanks to Washington weather I experienced hail, rain, and sunshine all in the timespan of 34 minutes… It was a great run, and it felt liberating to not have to run with the stroller. Silly was none too happy about it, but sometimes Mommy needs a few minutes to herself. Upon my return, I found out that another set of neighbors had dropped off these lovely gems, along with a sweet card welcoming us into the neighborhood.

*insert Homer Simpson drool here*

In case you were wondering, chocolate chip cookies are the perfect buffer between a 4 mile run and 30 minute weight/abs session.

What are you up to this weekend?

This weekend will be a longer one, and we are hosting family as well. I imagine we’ll be running, eating like fools, and mainly hanging out.

Did anyone go out and celebrate St. Patty’s Day?

Nah, just stayed in and watched Jersey Shore. He had a beer though, if that counts! I had kombucha… naturally 😀

Pita Chips and Cookies

3 thoughts on “Pita Chips and Cookies

  1. love the new layout! and that buffer, well it definitely distract me too. I love your banana comment, ha! You crack me up.
    Happy weekend friend.

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