Excitement OVERLOAD

OH my. What a great day it has been. And I haven’t even gone on my run yet.

I started the day off at the DMV. *ominous music* While that was a horrible way to start a day, I figured it could only get better from there – and it did. I took care of my license issue [in retrospect, a non issue], and I wish I could show you all the photo of how HUGE my hair is. It’s seriously comical, my husband even commented “Ah yes, that was expected”. Lovely!

From there, kiddo and I went to Marlene’s Market & Deli. It’s a natural foods place that sells basically everything under the sun, and they have an amazing deli chock full of anything that might strike your fancy. These people are brilliant – having the smell of the deli wafting through out the store – you’re bound to grab grub while you’re there. I didn’t even go during a lunch hour and it was packed.

Anyway, I left with all these goodies, for just at $30.

salad dressing, the greek yogurt brand I will always buy, fresh almond butter, a bag of soy nuts, my late july obsession that i FINALLY found here, and bulk quinoa, amaranth, black beans and chia seeds.

First off, I about had a heart attack when I saw the greek yogurt. I don’t like Chobani [sorry], Yoplait’s greek yogurt, Dannon’s, Stonyfield- they just don’t do it for me. I’ve tried them all. So seeing this little container brought my little heart so much joy. Until I saw what was waiting for me in the snack aisle, and then saw the Late July cookies. HOLY COW. Seriously, my heart damn near exploded with happiness, I am not kidding. I know I’ve posted about them before, but can’t find the post…

Since I had stuffed my face at the deli, I also picked up some snack-ish items to save for later. Naturally, I didn’t want to wait, and wanted to devour them in the car, but I knew I had to take a pretty picture for you all…

Aaaah, kombucha. Nectar of the gods. Won't be going back for the cookie though...

As if all that exciment wasn’t enough, I even made a friend. Yes. In the fridge section no less. Literally, it’s a huge walk in refrigerator… Anyway, to regular civilian people, making a friend might not be a big deal. Let me kindly remind you that we move often, and since we’re new to the Army, we don’t really have much of a network. So, to make a friend, where you literally don’t know anyone around you, is a BIG deal. Anyway, I imagine we will be getting together soon, cruising around downtown Olympia and chillin’ on her landlord’s farm. I know right?! Awesome.

Details of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

Excitement OVERLOAD

4 thoughts on “Excitement OVERLOAD

    1. Absolutely join me, please!!!!! You could be my guide for the millions of flour, grains, oats – I’m kind of flying blind!

      That greek yogurt has crack or something in it, I swear. If you ever hear of someone needing rehab for Greek Gods yogurt, pay no mind, I’ll be back shortly. 😛

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