Book Report

I have been wanting to read books about running for a few months now, and I’m finally in a place [physically] where running is not only popular, but there’s even plenty of books on it at the local library. Amongst a couple of others, I picked up My First 100 Marathons, by Jeff Horowitz.

The title jumped out at me immediately, even though I have yet to even run a marathon. I know, I know, this book came out a while ago. But this entered my life at a perfect time. I was coming off a minor injury, was taking a small hiatus due to the move, and I was missing my most favorite past time of all.

The way Jeff speaks about his passions for marathons is a way I could only wish I could speak about running in general. Granted, he has a LOT more to talk about; from small local marathons with 300 people, to the marathon in Antarctica, and of course, various runnings of the Boston Marathon. The book follows him through various steps in adulthood – college, the ‘real world’, dating, and eventually marriage and a growing family.

I definitely recommend this book, and if I didn’t borrow it from the library, you can bet that it would be on my bookshelf. It’s easy reading, and I guarantee you will be able to relate in some way, shape, or form. You might be a beginner looking for motivation, or a marathoning veteran looking to relate – it’s all there. If you haven’t read this already, do yourself a favor and snag up a copy!

Speaking of running – I had the most amazing run yesterday. You know the kind, where you go all out, and you’re left breathless with effort? The kind, where you say to yourself, “Yeah, that’s what running’s about!”? Or, the kind where your legs feel like jello, and all you want to do is collapse in a puddle in your living room? Oh yeah. Totally happened yesterday. I don’t know what got into me. I’m guessing it was pent up energy from 2 days of sitting inside, feeling sickly and sorry for myself. Maybe I was envisioning a lighter me, breezing through the run. Maybe it was the German pastries I knew I had waiting for me at home once I completed my run. Whatever! All I know is that my run was awesome. As an added bonus, we ran as a family, AND it was a gorgeous day out. That’s what I call a Monday.

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Book Report