Well that was Weird.

Friday night I went to bed thinking it was going to be an awesome weekend. A few days unpacking more of the house, hanging out with the husband and kiddo, going on a run with them, and getting used to the area. Cue 4 am, and I’m hugging the toilet, revisiting that night’s dinner. I don’t know what the hell happened, after getting sick just one more time, sleeping the ENTIRE day [I think I had 6 total hours of awake time], I was feeling so much better by Saturday night. Sunday morning I jumped out of bed, and it felt as though Saturday never happened. Granted, I was super weak, had a headache, and was slightly dizzy, but it wasn’t anything a few nibbles of a biscuit couldn’t help. I still was cautious about eating a lot, since I wasn’t sure if it was a storm before the calm.

Naturally, I didn’t run all weekend, which totally sucked… but it’s what had to happen.

Anyway, in the last post I said I’d tell you more about some races I’m planning on doing. Luckily, we live on a post that is so fitness driven, that they host 5k’s every month. !! Fort Lewis [also known as Joint Base Lewis McChord… that’s just too long for me to type, and I can’t stand acronyms] also hosts mountain bike racing, several triathlon distance events, and even hold body building competitions. I’ll add those to the calendar if I do them, I know my husband is a fan of shorter races, so I’d rather cheer him on at those 😉 However, I did add a Women’s Half Marathon in July, that’s held in Seattle. Champagne & chocolate, they had me sold. Heck, I would do it for the chocolate. It’s reasonably priced as well, and I’m hoping I can convince my local sister in law to do it with me. THAT’S RIGHT BROOKE, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. 😀

Ok kids, that’s about enough time the kiddo will let me on the computer, and I have organizing to do. I’ll be back tomorrow with a book report of sorts on My First 100 Marathons, by Jeff Horowitz. Also, there’s going to be a giveaway soon… so check back!

Well that was Weird.

4 thoughts on “Well that was Weird.

  1. wooohoo, giveaway! 🙂 thanks for the layout love – I’m loving it too!!

    and ya know what’s weird, I had that SAME EXACT episode a few weekends back. I’m chalking it up to a… “couple” hour virus? so strange.

  2. so I’m guessing your at your race weight now? haha, jk! Thats the worst!! Hope your all better now. and um, I’d run for chocolate, and wine, and maybe some komucha.

    1. Race weight, lol!! Awesome, I’m going to have to use that 😀 mmm, I’d totally run for kombucha. I left mine at my sister in law’s house, I’m sure they’ve tossed it by now 😦

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