FINALLY connected!!

My goodness. Even in this day and age, NOT everything is immediate!! 4 days after paying for internet service, we’re finally digital again. My poor husband was going crazy. We’ve been extremely busy; unpacking, visiting family, exploring a little, the usual steps you take when you get somewhere new. Husband started his first day of work today, and we’re on our way to getting a set schedule put into place.

Running wise, I’ve been doing as much as I can. Luckily my amazing husband had the hindsight to buy a weather shield for our running stroller a few months back, and I’ve been using it on every run. It’s amazing. It keeps the little one warm, and it acts as a basket too, since I no longer have to stop a million times during the run to pick up a tossed Elmo.

Fort Lewis is amazing. Such a contrast to Fort Sill, in so many ways. Heck, even the neighbors came over to welcome us [WITH COOKIES. They are keepers!] into the neighborhood. It’s ‘real Army’; think of our transition going from a college internship to the actual real world.

I just wanted to update real quick during kiddo’s nap time. There are still boxes to unfold, and my kitchen is irking me a bit. “Things” are in their place, but I don’t necessarily like it, so I keep gravitating towards it and moving stuff around. I also need to catch up on about 239,843 blogs and see what I’ve been missing out on. Some I’ve been able to read from my phone, but most of them give me a weird layout and menus overlap the content – so annoying.

What to expect in the next few posts – book report, races, FOOD, pictures, … I totally thought I had more going on. I’m so boring!

Until next time 🙂

FINALLY connected!!

6 thoughts on “FINALLY connected!!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I bet Ft. Lewis is amazing! Glad you have good neighbors. I’m also looking forward to the “real Army”, though I haven’t really experienced much of anything yet.

  2. oatsandspice says:

    Ahhh Fort Lewis looks goregous!! Welcome cookies are always the best – I love tasting goodies from other people besides myself 😉

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