I WENT RUNNING! Oh, and Thankful Thursday

YES! You read that correctly! I finally ran yesterday, and it was incredibly awkward. During the run, I was super neurotic and dissected every detail. A twinge in my Achilles meant it was snapping in half, a kink in my shoulder meant I needed surgery ASAP. As the run went on, ‘things’ subsided, and I dismissed it all to shaking the cobwebs off. I ran the first mile all the way through, then decided for good measure, that I would stop every half mile to stretch. Maybe I didn’t need it, but I did it anyway. I’ll admit my run was faster than I intended it to be… going slower than my ‘normal’ pace, made me feel uncoordinated, bumbling, and just “off” in general. Anyway, I came home and did squats, ‘donkey kicks’ [I don’t know another name for these, and made it up] and one legged squats.

Onto Thankful Thursday!!

– Moving companies. I hate packing. I would almost rather throw everything away, and start over, than to pack. But, there’s people out there who will do this for me, and I am THANKFUL for that.

–  My Kindle. *sigh* I love books. Honest. I still buy them, promise. But, there’s just something about juggling a toddler diaper bag, the toddler that goes with this bag, her squirminess… sometimes there just isn’t ROOM for a book. And also, she’s obsessed with books and would end up taking it from me.

– Classical Music. I listened to it during my run yesterday, and I loved every second of it. It’s been years since I’ve ran to classical music, and I was thrilled when the thought crossed my mind a few days ago. It’s on the iPod for good this time.

– Our bed. For real. The movers even took our sheets, but we’re still sleeping on it. Also, we’re a part time co-sleeping family, and it’s perfect, space-wise. Part time, meaning I’ll grab kiddo at either her 2, or 5 am wake up and have her snuggle in bed with us. Usually it’s the 5 am one, because I just give up at that point.

– Disney. *sigh* Yep. We’re one of THOSE families. Granted, our house isn’t decked out in Mickey Mafia gear, but baby girl definitely has a knack for the princessy things [this is the universe getting back at me], gasps a huge “MEEKMA!!!” when she sees Mickey, and is not shy about taking her plastic Tinkerbell every where we go. The Optimist has confessed that he has already looked up family group rates to Disneyworld. She loves Disney related ANYTHING, we grew up with it, we enjoy the movies; it’s a win-win. Minus the million dollars it’ll cost.

– Pijamas. They’re amazing. There’s nothing better than draping on your “i’m winding down” outfit. Be it a pair of capri sweatpants you jacked from your brother [they’re so comfortable it’s ridiculous] and a long sleeved something from your husband [it’s basically mine now] or a silky set from Victoria’s Secret [except for when they make me fall off the couch] – you get the point. Pijamas = win.

– Understanding readers. Because you will understand that I’m fried from the past couple of days, you’ll cut me some slack, and you will be sympathetic with an uber short list! 😉

Happy Friday Eve, y’all!! The next few days will be nuts, so I might not post much/at all. We’ve got graduations, drives, planes to catch, and family to see. Oh, and a MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!! 😀 Catch me on Twitter if you just can’t stand being away from me.

Also, Marine Corps Marathon posted this on their site. Register while you can!!!

I WENT RUNNING! Oh, and Thankful Thursday

9 thoughts on “I WENT RUNNING! Oh, and Thankful Thursday

  1. I love, love, love running to classical, as well! Of course, I usually shuffle my MP3 player, and it usually comes on at just the right time. I love your “thankful” list, and I totally understand being a neurotic mess when feeling injured. Paranoia always kicks in like a mofo for me! ❤ you, stay sane when your things are being packed, and thank God that you're not doing it yourself.


  2. ahhaha. It’s okay. I’m a Disney freak, and I don’t even have the kids excuse! 😉

    p.s. you were so right about wordpress. SO MUCH BETTER! I’m loving it already. 🙂

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