Groundhog Day

"Ability is what you are capable of doing
Motivation determines what you do
Attitude determines how well you do it"
Lou Holtz

I will admit that I am taking this short break, very well. I think the BIG reason I’m not going nuts, is because I know I have to take time off, focus on getting better, and just chill for a bit. In the past, not running for 5 days would be catastrophic, and more than likely caused by one unfortunate event after another [weather, sick kiddo, schedule conflicts]. This would leave me frustrated, stressed and frazzled. Not this time.

My few new best friends come in the form of a frozen pea bag and a foam roller. Honestly, the first time the knot in my IT Band went over the roller I thought I was going to cry from the pain. I’m MUCH better now, zero pain anywhere, at any point of the day. Ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll… you get it, hence the point of the thread title. 😉

This past weekend we went up to Oklahoma City one last time, and while at the running store I was able to pick the brain of a very accomplished runner. Talking with her definitely put my mind at ease, as I appear to have nipped this in the bud. I can’t imagine trying to run through this pain, or even worse, having my stubborness sideline me for 12 weeks.

While I’m already back to feeling 100%, I am incredibly nervous about getting out there. I am definitely not getting out there until Wednesday [full week] and when I do, I plan on going a 1.5ish, a tad slower than my normal pace. Stretching will be done, as well as really focusing on my form. Until then, I’ll be staring longingly at my running log, hoping to jot another positive entry down soon.

Groundhog Day

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. I’ve fallen in looove with my new foam roller! funny, too, because before I got it for my birthday, I really hadn’t even thought of using one.

    as for the injury, take it easy, and utilize your downtime for time you’d usually LOVE when you’d want that off-day. get things done and have some fun. 🙂 that’s how I got through my IT band injury this fall!

    it’ll go by fast if you just take it totally easy.. promise!

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