Thankful Thursdays

I can’t believe I’m doing this 2 weeks in a row. I usually forget about stuff like this…

Let’s see.

Rice Works chips. I ate an entire bag of Sweet Chili last night and totally ruined my dinner. 700 calories have never tasted so good, and to be honest, I don’t feel disgusting like I normally would after eating an entire bag of chips. if you have never had these you MUST check them out, ASAP. For those of you who were wondering – they are gluten free, and all but the Baked Cinnamon and Parmesan & Sundried Tomato flavors are vegan.  😉

– Mugs. You can use them for anything. Cereal, oatmeal, coffee, ice cream, pencil holders, coin collectors. So versatile. I have a TON of mugs. Honest. I LOVE the handmade ones, the huge latte ones, and quirky ones you can’t find just anywhere.  My husband has banned me from buying any more. In fact, his exact words when I broke my favorite mug – “I will allow you to buy ONE more”. Hmph. Ten bucks says he wouldn’t notice if I bought one.

– DVR. Who else needs every single episode of King of the Hill recorded? What if we missed something on Jersey Shore? And Modern Family!? I can’t even fathom…

– Countdowns. They give you something to look forward too, and they are infinitely better than ‘count ups’. In case anyone is keeping track, we are officially into the SINGLE DIGITS on getting the heck out of this place!!

– Sesame Street. When we watch it, I can tell that the kiddo picks up on things. I’ll admit right now that I will use the tv to do a quick chore while she’s is entranced. I can’t necessarily say I like it, but she really enjoys throwing clean, folded clothes around… So to have her occupied for 10 minutes helps. Just be careful, because sometimes there will be a catchy tune that could get stuck in your head for say, oh, 8 miles.

– Local Running Stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love the discounts and wider selection of various online running shops. But when you start going to a local running store, you’re met with an incredibly friendly staff who don’t mind chatting you up. The “local” place we found here is 1.5 hours away, but Red Coyote is worth it. They can be added to the ongoing list of running places I will love; like Up and Running in Dayton, OH and Roger Soler’s Sports in San Antonio, TX.

Baxyl. Because my joints suck, and I need this stuff. Either this stuff actually works, or it’s playing tricks on my subconscious. I forget to take it for a couple of days, and my knee starts acting up. JUST SAYIN’.

Sadly, I can’t think of anymore stuff. Not because I’m not thankful, just because I’m drawing a blank. 🙂 I took yesterday off, so here’s to hoping I can run later tonight. I should probably start doing knee strengthening and random leg workouts. Can’t a girl just run!? 😦

Thankful Thursdays