Ever Have One of THOSE Days??

Where sometimes you’re the dog, other times you’re the fire hydrant? Or you could be the bug, or be the windshield??

For my Tuesday, there was no sugar coating it. I was the squished bug ON the fire hydrant. Everything I touched crumbled, and all that I attempted fell through. I should have known, as I woke up with a headache, and I promptly stepped on a bobby pin that had fallen [somehow] right side up. No biggie. The morning went on, and I ignored my stomach issues, dismissing it with the thought of just eating too much Valentine’s Day yumminess.

Kiddo and I got ready to go run errands, then planned on hopping on the track and put in some miles. No biggie. Well, not only did she  fall asleep 2 minutes into the ride, I called to make sure the track was open, as I know there has been construction going on. They said it wasn’t “technically” open, and the other track was closed for light fixture installation. Fine. We turned around and went home.

I had stuff to do at home anyway, but the things I had on my list only grew, as I hit roadblocks and run arounds. About the only thing productive that came from her nap time was that I wrote up my Upper Crust Review for Kevin’s blog.

So, after the nap, we  inhaled lunch, arriving at the playground on post before everyone else got out of school. We did it all; played our little hearts out by just being outside and running around. Well. I kneeled down to be eye level with Silly, and out of nowhere a bee flew up my shirt, and STUNG ME. Naturally, I freaked out, and my initial reaction was to get her OUT of there. I scooped her up and literally sprinted about 50 feet away, and started surveying the damage. I had killed the bee, but the stinger was still in my skin, right along my bra strap. LOVELY. Anyway, I’m fine, but dang maybe today the universe will be a little nicer!

I mean, for the love of Pete I even had tofu juice attack me. Talk about salt on the wound. I don’t even know how that happened! I kept a decent attitude all day, which the ‘old’ me would have never done. Sure, I got frustrated, but really, in the grand scheme of things, being mad wasn’t going to help, so I didn’t bother.

My third and final trip on post was to get back on 3 mile track. I’ve never been on this, as they started construction on it the weekend after we got here. I have been craving a long[er] run, and I was hoping that the stars could align for this. I told myself that Plan A was 9 miles, B was 8, and C was 6. The first 3 miles were insanely fast, and felt amazing. I was strong, and I probably could have maintained the pace for longer – but I played it safe and reigned it in. The next  4.5 miles were at a solid, steady pace and had zero ‘kinks’ to work out. The last .5 mile I decided to finish strong, and bumped down to an 8:45 pace.

It felt amazing to finally have run a decent distance, at a comfortable pace, and feel strong at the end. It was definitely the end to the day that I needed, and to be honest, I could have run a couple more miles.

The Optimist definitely had to coerce me to go run. Keep in mind, that all day I had felt crummy, and to be honest I’m a bit surprised my body held up to the run. I’ll take Plan B, and I am thrilled to say that I am MORE than happy with it. I came home to a smiling, energetic kiddo, and an amazing husband who loves me. I’ll consider this day a win, even though it definitely tried me.

What do you do when plans derail? Freak out or go with the flow? What is the one fail safe you know you have, that can automatically brighten your crummy day?? [yes, ice cream counts]

Ever Have One of THOSE Days??