Tummy Issues Tuesday

Is everyone still trying to come out of your sugar and chocolate induced state of bliss from Valentine’s? I know I am.

Ok folks. I officially have nothing spectacular to say today. Well, stuff that might not matter to you, anyway. In fact, it probably doesn’t matter to you, and in addition, it will more than likely make you cringe. You might be asking yourself, “What? What on Earth am I taking about? Micki, we’re all your friends here, we hear you out! Please, we want to know, don’t you want to vent to us???” Yes. I do. Y’all are amazing. Though I might not get a million comments per post [that would be a lot of responding :o], I do appreciate the feedback I get from y’all 🙂

I will get to that in a second. But first, has your body ever craved a particular kind of run? I think I’ve been doing enough speed/hill work lately, that my body is just annoyed with it. I haven’t had a run of significant mileage in the past couple of weeks, and I honestly think my legs and mind are craving it. Is that weird? I just want to get out there, and cover some distance. This is the first I’ve felt this way, ever. I also think that the warmer temperatures have me itching to get out and GO.

Ok. Onto what I was insinuating to earlier. Leave now if you do not like bodily function speak, digestion talk or get queasy easily. I am making this sound way more horrible than what it is. Anyway, my stomach is about 10 different kinds of jacked up. Any kind of discomfort, I have had. I always chalked it up to stress, or an insane amount of ‘insert random food here’, and even that extra cup of coffee that didn’t sit well. But here lately, it seems that even sitting wrong will cause cramping and discomfort, usually in the form of bloating. Anything I consume doesn’t last in my body all that long, and I am miserable for the rest of the day.

So I did what any other human does when they’re questioning anything whatsoever. Go to the internet. Well, this poses a problem. Because I either have a mild allergic reaction to dairy/fructose/carbs/sugar, or I have IBS, cancer, an ulcer, stress [honestly, I have never been more at ease], Crohn’s disesase, inflammations, or just a random bout of ‘sometimes your body sucks’. I probably did my mind more harm than good at this point; there is so much information out there to digest [bwahaha…] and even when you start pinpointing something, it can lead you into a huge spiderweb of information that is a nightmare to try and decipher.

I guess at this point I will start a food journal. I am not happy about this, whatsoever, for a couple of reasons. The first, being that I am too lazy to do that. I know that sounds terrible, but know I will forget to write every little thing down; and it becomes a chore. Another reason [the main one] I do NOT want to do this, is because at the end of the day, I will look back on what I ate, call myself a cow, and try to eat less the next day. Not only counterproductive, but an unhealthy black hole that I have zero interest in being sucked into.

So that is that. I will be running errands with Silly this morning, along with doing my long run whenever nap time looks like it is about to hit. I’m trying to plan a ‘safe’ dinner but at this point I don’t know what to even do. *sigh*

Have a wonderful Tuesday y’all.

Tummy Issues Tuesday

4 thoughts on “Tummy Issues Tuesday

  1. Chechi says:

    Start with a “clean” week… First… keep a schedule. Second… eat things that are “boring & safe” the BRAT diet… See how you do in 3 days… Little by little add new “spices & goodies” … I know you don’t want to hear this… but TOO LITTLE OR TOO MUCH of something is bad for you! Extremes are bad and you have to keep it balanced! Chamomile & mint are great to settle your tummy… Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I totally know what you are talking about-the craving a run thing anyway! =)

    I have been craving a certain run since October. I wont get it for a while, not until I head back up to WA to visit friends. I miss the streets and routes…sigh…

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