Oh, was it Valentine’s?

I kid, of course. Being a low key couple, we decided to stay in this Valentine’s Day.

This is why my husband rocks. Behold, my Valentine’s Booty. And I’m not talking The Husband’s. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box of sour gummies. It’s literally making my mouth water as I type. Perfect. AND, he picked up the magazine, for the article that focused on sleep. Love the man, seriously.

I cannot believe he puts up with me. I’m lucky for sure.

Oh, was it Valentine’s?

Weekend, Grammy’s, Bieber Fever, and MORE!!!!!

Don’t you hate it when you have amazing weekends, only to realize on Sunday night, that TOMORROW is Monday? It’s bogus. We had family over this weekend, and it was awesome! Kiddo was definitely spoiled, and we ate our way through numerous recipes. My mom even made a different kind of sandwich, which I’ll have to showcase… good stuff.

The Husband and I went to the gym, where he and I were lifting weights. WEIGHTS, people. I was over it, before it began. I just feel so odd in the weight room; awkward and embarrassed at my 5 pound weights. So uncomfortable. Bless his heart though, he put up with me and gave me workouts to do; and I hope I find the courage to crawl back in there at least twice a week. If not, I’m filling milk jugs with water and staying home.

One thing I don’t get – did Bieber not win anything last night at the Grammy’s? How did this kid NOT get New Artist of the Year [or whatever category he was in]?? I mean, I’ve never heard a song of his. Honest. BUT, I definitely know OF him. I know the worldwide craze, I know there’s a documentary, I know the HAIR that is ‘The Bieber’, I know of his little girlfriend, that he was on CSI, and that he has a tattoo. I for sure know all of “this” is called Bieber Fever. I thought he was a shoo-in. The kid has made an empire, lives up to the squeaky clean image, and he is EVERYWHERE. I guess I’m just shocked. I do not want to take anything from Esperanza Spalding, as I’m sure she’s earned it. I just hope she has one hell of a haircut. Anyway. Did that sound like a rant? Maybe I should compensate by listening to Bieber… I’ve avoided this for what seems like years, but I almost feel compelled too now.

LOVED Norah Jones/Keith Urban/Jack White/Johnny Depp/John Mayer’s cover of “Jolene”. Seriously, her voice gave me goosebumps.

Can I just say Eminem rocks?? Dude definitely still has it, and is a winner in my book. I freakin’ love Eminem, and always will. I cannot believe he’s been around for as long as he has; it seems like just yesterday I was out buying The Slim Shady LP. That’s right. I was 13 and listening to Em. Just don’t tell my Mom. PS, she is quoted as saying she’d rather listen to Em, than Arcade Fire. Also known as ‘the seizure inducing band’.

Best performance of the night – Cee Lo and Gwenyth Paltrow. Just an all around ‘yes’. There was energy, it was obviously a blast, and who doesn’t like puppets?!

Oh, and Lady Gaga… knock it off. Please go back to the music, and quiet down the shock affect you want to have on everyone. We get it. And to think, the huge bow she had back in the day made people gasp. Now there’s meat dresses and prosthetic horns. [Also, Usher, please get a haircut…]

Ok people, it is too gorgeous outside and I have a long run to make up. I’m hauling the kiddo and stroller with me, so if you don’t get an update within 24 hours, just assume I decided to wait for a ride. I’m just waiting on my Bieber tunes to upload.

I do realize it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone is posting lovey dovey stuff, and I will join that bandwagon tonight/early tomorrow. It just takes me awhile to gather enough thoughts, that would come close to encompassing the love I feel for my husband. Sometimes I literally tear up about it, my mind goes blank and I just come up with “I love him. Like, seriously, SO totally love him.” He is worth much more effort, and many more words than that. I should probably pack a notebook and pen for the run… Hope y’all enjoy your Monday.

Weekend, Grammy’s, Bieber Fever, and MORE!!!!!