Thankful Thursdays [and tedious treadmill tidbits]

First, I will address the treadmill workout, because the torture is fresh in my mind. I basically did the same hill repeat as the other night, except this time I started at 9 mph [6:40 pace], and at 4% incline. Um. HOLY CRAP. My legs are fine this morning, but today might be a light yoga/rest day, for grins and giggles. I have family coming in this weekend, so I have to plan around that first. I’ll admit it, I was an idiot to do that workout.

Anyway… I know in the blogging community there are certain days affiliated with what you’re supposed to post. “Tangent Tuesdays” [I can never think of things about me], “Wordless Wednesdays” [I never have pictures just laying around, and plus, nobody should be subjected to this ugly mug] or “Recipe Fridays” [ok I think I made that up]. I honestly don’t know if “Thankful Thursdays” is one or not, but in an effort to be lazy more positive, I thought I’d write a list of things I’m thankful for. And not the usual ‘life, family, friends, health’ stuff, because that’s just a given. I’m not that lazy.

– I am thankful for bill pay being online. Seriously. You would think that, in this day and age, this is very common. Not in this town. In fact, they’re so far behind that you can’t even use your credit card for utility bill pay. This is an actual tweet from the local news station.

– Snack catchers. My car, the jogging stroller, the carpet, church pews, basically everything but the poor dog are so incredibly grateful for this.

– Chocolate covered espresso beans. I think I only miss them, because they don’t have them here.

– Moving companies. But only the ones that pack everything up for you, move it, and unpack it.

– Digital cameras. This is a no-brainer, but do you remember the days where you actually had to have film developed?! Even waiting the hour was torture, if you paid extra for it. And you had to pose/make sure the photo would come out right?! I have so much nonsense in my Recycle Bin from bad photos, and can’t imagine going back to how it was.

– I am thankful for my gym-mates. I can’t imagine I’m pleasant at the gym. Huffing and puffing, pounding on the treadmill, arms and legs flailing – it can’t be pretty.

– I am thankful for whoever wants to remind me about fitblog this Tuesday. Seriously, I’ll send you cookies. Not even kidding. I will even conform to your dietary needs.

– Heated car seat warmers. Butt warmers. Toasty bun heaters. Anyway you dice it, whoever thought up the idea of heating your booty in the car on a cold winter day is GENIUS. I have ZERO junk, heck, I don’t even have a trunk to put said junk IN. Seriously. I might even get the guts to post a picture of it one day, and you will be in disbelief.

– Google Auto-complete. It knows just what I’m thinking.

– FACEBOOK [or technology in general]. My little brother sent me a message this morning, and I am on Cloud 9!! I am so blessed to live in the time where connection between two people, 7,500 miles apart is instantaneous. I can’t wait to see him! OK, I’ll stop. I’m super proud of him, and will be tackle-hugging him soon enough. 😀 Makes we want to just break down and dance.

Thankful Thursdays [and tedious treadmill tidbits]

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays [and tedious treadmill tidbits]

  1. OH MY GAH! That is RIDICULOUS! We have ESPN (THE OCHO!) yet again! I ❤ your list, and love how you can make me smile by mentioning the smallest, funniest little things!

    Great run, sweets! LOVING YOUR ENTHUSIASM!

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