If Running Were a Person…

She’d totally be my BFF.

No joke. Who else puts up with me?! Who else can delve into the most challenging corner of my brain, and shut it up entirely? She puts up with me on my bad days, and more often than not she transforms the rest of the day into an easy going, stress free time.

But sometimes, Running can be kind of a meanie. She’ll make me get out there when I don’t particularly want to be, and sometimes her bright and shiny demeanor is elusive as ever. She can make me feel like I’m going to spew, and days after certain workouts, I can still feel her pain deeply rooted in my muscles.

With that said, Running is the reason I do many things. I can recharge my fuse, thanks to her. I can eat cupcakes, cookies and pasta; and chalk it up to ‘fueling’. In contrast, Running can sometimes land me in an ice bath – let’s face it, it is just evil.

To keep my relationship strong with Running, we get together often; no less than 3 or 4 times a week. We will bond [or not] with Running Stroller in tow. Running Stroller can be hit or miss, but I’ve already covered my feelings towards her in numerous posts. Running keeps me happy, so I must keep her happy. In order to do this, I stretch, and will even do Ab work. I have a love/hate conundrum-of-a-relationship with Abs. She burns me a lot, but that makes me stronger, and again – keeps Running happy.

Running doesn’t care where we go. She’s happy to soak up scenic routes, get muddy on a trail, and while the Treadmill is dreadful, we both suck it up and crank out the mileage. The Treadmill can be mean to both Running and I, often times he’ll turn Running into a cranky bizatch. I coerce her with Speed Work, the promise of an Ice Bath; and we’re usually back on track, unless she decides to throw a tantrum. If that happens, all bets are off, and I’m better off on the bike. That’s ok too, because sometimes, I don’t want to hang out with Running either.

I love Running. She does a lot for me, and I hope that I can continue to hang out with her for as long as I live.

Hopefully, you have a healthy relationship with Running too. Whatever your reason, and whatever Running’s temperament – just remember, like all relationships, it will have its ups and downs. Be patient with Running, don’t be frustrated too long, take things slowly [but challenge yourself], but in the end, Run Happy.

If Running Were a Person…

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