I’m not talking about the “I’m going to run Boston” or “I want to visit all 7 wonders of the world” or “I just want 15 minutes alone with whomever is ruling Hollywood” kind of dream. I’m talking about the images that pop up in your brain while you’re sleeping. The only dream related research I have done prior to opening my “new post” window, was dream analysis. I’m brand new to this, but what brings me to it, is the fact that I’m tired of dreaming. 9 out of 10 dreams are bad ones, and I literally wake up and cuddle up to my husband, hoping I don’t fall back asleep.

A couple of years ago I had CRAZY dreams. This wasn’t during pregnancy [those were just… weird], and I went so far as to keep a journal. The more I wrote down, the more I would remember at night time, and I guess that would keep triggering more disturbing and off the wall dreams. I stopped writing them down, because they were just that horrendous, and it got to the point where I would will myself to forget the dreams. Not the fuzzy two minutes after waking up, and all of a sudden you forget your dream. Nope, this was a “let’s pretend that never popped into my head” moment. These started very randomly, and stopped just out of nowhere.

Well, I’m dreaming again; some disturbing, but not nearly as badly. I notice that I am only dreaming after being awoken, and since I am a light sleeper, this is bad news for me. If I fall asleep at say, 9 pm [fat chance, but let’s pretend the world stopped for a second], but the kiddo wakes me up at 11, and I fall back asleep at 12. From 12 on, I am dreaming like it is going out of style. From what I recall [or can’t, for that matter], I’m NOT dreaming from 9-11. For all I know, this could be coincidence, and some dream analysis forensic manipulator dude [!? do people do this for a living!?] is giggling at my stupidity. Another possible coincidence – I’m more tired throughout the day, if I had crazy dreams that night. Let’s face it, my sleep habits suck in general. But throw in one dream filled night, then I’m tired the next day – no matter what time I went to bed.

ANYWAY, that was random huh? Why on Earth am I even telling you all this?! You’re going to think I’m weird, if you don’t already think so. Oh well. What if I promise to post a cookie recipe, either later tonight or early tomorrow? ‘Cause I will.

For the record, I’d love to run Boston. But I’ve never had a dream about it.

Here’s some Gary Knight, in case you made it through the entire post. Man, you totally came across the wrong post if you don’t dream, like cookies, or good music. Word of advice – don’t play the lottery tonight…


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