We’re Expecting…

… more snow.


I do not enjoy this kind of news. What this doesn’t show, is that the snow/wind mix starts at 1900, and we’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow. *sigh* I imagine I’ll be singing the following song for the next couple of days.

In awesome news, family will be visiting over the weekend, and it’s supposed to be 60. I’ll take it.

I’m going to try and run during The Optimist’s lunch today, but a lot depends on the kiddo’s nap schedule. I might have to wait until later, or *gasp* not go at all. I’m trying to avoid the latter, by all costs.

We’re Expecting…

4 thoughts on “We’re Expecting…

  1. oh no, not good. I guess its dreadmill time. ugh! Can’t wait for spring. Oh, can you send me your email when you get a chance? Thanks friend!

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