Why I Run.

There are a number of reasons as to why people run. A simple look around the internet and running blogs will bring up many responses, ranging anywhere from “I like to stay fit” to “I want to lose/maintain weight” or “I like the individuality”. The reasons can be as common or unique as ever, whether you’re asking a veteran-188 marathon-50 ultra marathon completing fanatic or a beginner that just started last month.

I can’t remember my first run. I didn’t have some sort of epiphany, where I woke up one morning and went “OMG. I should TOTALLY go for a run”. I wasn’t trying to lose weight [maybe I was? I can’t remember], and now that I’m racking my brain, I’m thinking maybe I started running to get in shape for Basic Training. I do, however, remember my first race, as it was held during Basic Training. We ran it as a flight [in formation], and while I can’t recall our time, I do remember coming in 3rd overall in the Female Formation group.

In the past I’ve always just run, well, ‘because’. I never did speed work, or focused on my form, I just kind of meandered on, checking my pace every now and again, ho-humming my way around until I got tired. In Ohio, I ran on trails, iPod-less, and often Garmin-less. Looking back, at that time, it was pure bliss. Not a care in the world, and checking whatever baggage I had, at the trail entrance.

Of course, as life goes on, the ‘pure bliss’ runs change. It has shifted from trails in Ohio, to runs with The Husband through the middle of San Antonio, and of course to the jogging stroller ones of today [minus this one]. So why all these sentimental thoughts? Why all the looking back? Because never in a million years, did I think my ‘pure bliss’ moment would be 6.45 miles, all of which looked like this:

But it did earlier this evening. I was itching to just run. And I loved every second of it.

I think I have narrowed My Reason to Run down a bit, for the time being. Hell, maybe in 20 years, I’ll run because the kids are out of the house and I won’t have anything else to do. For now, sure – I do it for health, to show my daughter that fitness is important, and to selfishly eat cupcakes by the dozen. Duh. In the past few days, it’s sadly apparent that running is a form of therapy for me. That is a tough pill to swallow, and I kind of feel like an addict of sorts saying that I NEED to do something to keep my glass half full. Running means a lot to me; a way to relieve stress, to have ‘me’ time, and to be honest I just see the fitness aspect of it as an added bonus. Anyway, this is all just word-vomit at this point, and the mess of Snowmaggedon isn’t helping my [lack of] thought process.

I would like to thank my husband for putting up with my grumpy ass for the past 36 hours. He is an amazing guy; the most happy go lucky individual ever, who will cook like a fiend, make a mean coffee, look after Silly, make my bowl of ice cream, and then make up a song on the spot about it all. I love him lots, and every day I amazed that he sticks with me. I’m not even kidding.

In saying all this,¬†Can I just blame the snow? Is it ok to PMS with Mother Nature?? Cuz I notice that she’s kind of being a bitch.

SO. Tell me, why do you run? Have your reasons changed over the years? Could you *gasp* do without it??

Why I Run.

A Smoothie, with a Side of Irony

Day 3 of this crap and we’re still stuck inside the house. The Optimist had class, and thankfully we have a car equipped to take on the snow, and get this – the streets on Ft. Sill are clear. I would love nothing more, than to rant about this town, but that wouldn’t help. I’ll just channel my inner Trelia [I totally made that up – it’s a combo of both my husband and mom’s names, who are always looking at the positive side of things], take a couple of deep breaths, and focus on the fact that I’m leaving here soon. Plus, I can’t expend the energy to have negative thoughts, because I’m in an annoyed enough mood as it is. Yes, from not running. So back off!!!

Anyway, I’ve been reading up a lot on just about everything lately, including about a million other blogs I usually don’t have time to look at… I came across Lindsay’s page and saw she was having an AmazingGrass giveaway. I thought to myself, “heeeeeeeeey that stuff looks familiar!!” Well, THIS is why! So, I moseyed over to the pantry, found my AmazingGrass and left it out for a possible post yoga smoothie. I can’t wait for the smoothie, I just have to wait for the kiddo to take a nap… she may or may not get freaked out by the blender. I would love to say that the yoga happening is 100% but I just don’t feel up to it, mentally.

I was searching my blog for that entry, and was shocked at the similarities between the posts. We have the house to ourselves, baby girl’s sick, I’ll maybe do some yoga later, have another smoothie, I’m counting the days until our next move [23] and we’re having a Disney filled day. Weird.

Running is a strong possibility later, since the gyms are open. Is it wrong that now that it’s available to me, I want nothing to do with it?? I guess I’m just not motivated to do anything right now. Stupid weather. Have a pleasant day.

Following video NSFW. Unless your boss rocks.

A Smoothie, with a Side of Irony