Dexter and Pretzels.

So I lied. I didn’t run. Just wasn’t in the cards. Ft. Sill is open again, starting tomorrow, and I hear it calling my name. I can’t decide yet if I’m running on the treadmill or taking my chances outside. I’m pretty sure they haven’t touched what little sidewalks they have anyway, so chances are I’ll stick to the gym. I am definitely ok with that, I just want to freaking run.

Instead of doing anything productive whatsoever, we lounged around the house again. We’re done with the 3rd season of Dexter, and Army Man made pretzels. They’re downright delicious, and luckily my husband has the patience of a saint, because they took awhile to make. Plus he had me hovering around him during every movement. So now that I have absolutely nothing else to say, I’ll barrage you with a few photos of the pretzel making.

Pressing the dough into a pretzelish form

Boiling the pretzels

Pretty little pretzels

Best treat you could ask for while snowed in.

Well that’s that. Hope you’re staying warm and sane.

Dexter and Pretzels.

6 thoughts on “Dexter and Pretzels.

  1. Those came out perfectly! I’ll definitely be using Alton’s recipe next time I make pretzels, though I’ll be kneading the dough by hand. *cries*

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