What February Means to Me

Ah, February 2011. The red-headed step child of the calendar year. Whose idea was it to only give you 28 days anyway? What a load of crap. But you, my friend, is what our little family of 3 has been waiting for, since this time last year. [wow. a year. holy crap…]

February will be a huge step for us. Later in the month, the Husband is finally going to be done with training. Which means we are making the trek to our first Army home, Ft. Lewis. We are BEYOND excited, and cannot wait to finally have a place of our own. The majority of our stuff has been in boxes for a year; books, dvds, albums, you name it – if it wasn’t mandatory, it wasn’t out.

Among with this BIG move, there are a lot of little things to look forward too this month – birthdays, a couple of holidays, Valentine’s Day, growing friendships, a giggling toddler – you name it. On the running front, my brother in law and his wife are running the Rock’n’Roll New Orleans half marathon – his wife’s first!! They are speed demons and will totally rock it. I look forward to hearing about their race! As for me, I’ll still be running [DUH] and training for whatever comes my way. Totally up in the air.

Lastly, and more important than anything else mentioned in this post – February will mean another month in my brother’s deployment will open, and draw to a close. We CANNOT wait to have him back on our soil, and that, my friends is the understatement of the year. A hug from him, the day we are reunited, will be the highlight of my 2011. I am so incredibly proud of this kid, and I never miss a chance to tell him so. 🙂

I hope you have a great February, and you better plan to have as much fun as you can fitting 31 days of fun into 28. Get movin’!!!

In my next post, I’ll recap the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge, complain about the weather, and fill you in on some snow day fun. Please note that my complaint about the weather is better than everyone else’s and I have a good reason to rant. Stay tuned.

What February Means to Me

4 thoughts on “What February Means to Me

  1. Cecilia Stiles says:

    … And sometimes words can not express feelings! I love you girl and I’m so proud and happy for you!


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