I WENT RUNNING! Oh, and Thankful Thursday

YES! You read that correctly! I finally ran yesterday, and it was incredibly awkward. During the run, I was super neurotic and dissected every detail. A twinge in my Achilles meant it was snapping in half, a kink in my shoulder meant I needed surgery ASAP. As the run went on, ‘things’ subsided, and I dismissed it all to shaking the cobwebs off. I ran the first mile all the way through, then decided for good measure, that I would stop every half mile to stretch. Maybe I didn’t need it, but I did it anyway. I’ll admit my run was faster than I intended it to be… going slower than my ‘normal’ pace, made me feel uncoordinated, bumbling, and just “off” in general. Anyway, I came home and did squats, ‘donkey kicks’ [I don’t know another name for these, and made it up] and one legged squats.

Onto Thankful Thursday!!

– Moving companies. I hate packing. I would almost rather throw everything away, and start over, than to pack. But, there’s people out there who will do this for me, and I am THANKFUL for that.

–  My Kindle. *sigh* I love books. Honest. I still buy them, promise. But, there’s just something about juggling a toddler diaper bag, the toddler that goes with this bag, her squirminess… sometimes there just isn’t ROOM for a book. And also, she’s obsessed with books and would end up taking it from me.

– Classical Music. I listened to it during my run yesterday, and I loved every second of it. It’s been years since I’ve ran to classical music, and I was thrilled when the thought crossed my mind a few days ago. It’s on the iPod for good this time.

– Our bed. For real. The movers even took our sheets, but we’re still sleeping on it. Also, we’re a part time co-sleeping family, and it’s perfect, space-wise. Part time, meaning I’ll grab kiddo at either her 2, or 5 am wake up and have her snuggle in bed with us. Usually it’s the 5 am one, because I just give up at that point.

– Disney. *sigh* Yep. We’re one of THOSE families. Granted, our house isn’t decked out in Mickey Mafia gear, but baby girl definitely has a knack for the princessy things [this is the universe getting back at me], gasps a huge “MEEKMA!!!” when she sees Mickey, and is not shy about taking her plastic Tinkerbell every where we go. The Optimist has confessed that he has already looked up family group rates to Disneyworld. She loves Disney related ANYTHING, we grew up with it, we enjoy the movies; it’s a win-win. Minus the million dollars it’ll cost.

– Pijamas. They’re amazing. There’s nothing better than draping on your “i’m winding down” outfit. Be it a pair of capri sweatpants you jacked from your brother [they’re so comfortable it’s ridiculous] and a long sleeved something from your husband [it’s basically mine now] or a silky set from Victoria’s Secret [except for when they make me fall off the couch] – you get the point. Pijamas = win.

– Understanding readers. Because you will understand that I’m fried from the past couple of days, you’ll cut me some slack, and you will be sympathetic with an uber short list! 😉

Happy Friday Eve, y’all!! The next few days will be nuts, so I might not post much/at all. We’ve got graduations, drives, planes to catch, and family to see. Oh, and a MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!! 😀 Catch me on Twitter if you just can’t stand being away from me.

Also, Marine Corps Marathon posted this on their site. Register while you can!!!

I WENT RUNNING! Oh, and Thankful Thursday

A Post About My Butt.

I really didn’t know how else to title it, and I figured it was attention grabbing, so HERE we go.

I run tonight, and in light of finally doing so, I figured I could research further into what caused this injury. I have already done this, to an extent, but really I’ve just been foam rolling, stretching and icing.

It’s no secret that I don’t have a butt. For the record, I spent a solid 2 minutes searching the web for a decent ‘for example’ photo, but they’re all either too gross or don’t depict what I’m trying to say. I’m going to have a hell of a time explaining THOSE websites… Anyway…

I wanted to see exactly how weak my glutes and hips were. I know they’re weak. But, how bad is it? Enter Google search.

I found these tests on the Runner’s World website. One for my glutes, the other for my hips. I figured I would get the glutes out of the way first, keeping true to the whole “bad news first” rule.

I did the first one in the reflection of a window [the movers packed everything else away], hiked up my shirt and went to work. I expected my hip to dip slightly. Um. No. My right and left hip were about a foot apart [ok not really], and I suppose this means my glutes are VERY weak. I mean, this test basically laughed at me.

Moving on to the hip test.

These were all demoralizing. One legged squat huh? Just as I reached the bottom of my squat, there went my knee. The wall test? I had to try it twice, because the first time I had to balance myself with 3 ‘dips’ in, and I considered it a fluke. I made it to 6 and gave up. The last one REALLY pissed me off. I could not, for the life of me, NOT get my thighs to lift off the table. Do people really have them lay flat? Are they with Cirque du Soleil? Are there joints made out of bendy, yet reinforced freak bone and joint tissue?

Based on these tests, I can’t believe my body is able to support the walking I do. Let alone the running I thought I was doing so well at. Pfft.

A Post About My Butt.


I am taking this from Julie, in efforts to be more like her, because she’s awesome. Plus I’m down about not running, and a little stressed due to the upcoming move, and you guys deserve better than a pity party post. So enjoy!

A.   Age: 25… I always forget how old I am.

B.    Bed size: KING! I love our bed, it is probably the most comfortable thing ever.

C.   Chore you hate: Dusting. Can I just pay someone to do this? Please?

D.   Dogs:  I don’t cut them enough slack. I mean LOOK at them.

E.    Essential start to your day:  Coffee. That is all.

F.  Favorite color: Maroon. Anything deep red, really.

G.  Gold or silver: Silver, although I guess white gold would fall into that category?

H.  Height: 5’6. Perfect height for Husband, who is a generous 6’3.

I.   Instruments you play: none? I played the flute in high school, but haven’t touched it since.

J.   Job title: Stay at Home Mom, watching over the Tornado child

K.  Kids: Duh!

L.  Live: Oklahoma, for about 4 more days, then we’re off to Ft. Lewis, Washington for a few years.

M. Mom’s name: Mom! DUH.

N.  Nicknames: Micki

O.  Overnight hospital stays: Just when we had the Little Bean.

P.  Pet peeve: I have so many…

Q.  Quote from a movie: i’m kind of drawing a blank… “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”

R.  Righty or Lefty: Right

S.   Siblings: 3 amazing, inspiring, make you laugh out loud brothers!!

T.   Time you wake up: around 7ish

U.   Underwear: cotton??

V.    Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower makes my tongue itch 😦

W.   What makes you run late: We’re big on punctuality, so we’re not usually running late. If we did, it’s because we forgot something, I would guess

X.    X-rays you’ve had: *sigh* only when I broke my wrist

Y.    Yummy food you make: Husband has yet to say a negative thing about any of it. Minus that ONE tofu dish. Which was so horrible, I just threw it away.

Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Elephant. I think they’re majestic. Or penguins, because they just seem to be having so much fun.

Have  a happy Tuesday y’all, one day closer to Friday!


Groundhog Day

"Ability is what you are capable of doing
Motivation determines what you do
Attitude determines how well you do it"
Lou Holtz

I will admit that I am taking this short break, very well. I think the BIG reason I’m not going nuts, is because I know I have to take time off, focus on getting better, and just chill for a bit. In the past, not running for 5 days would be catastrophic, and more than likely caused by one unfortunate event after another [weather, sick kiddo, schedule conflicts]. This would leave me frustrated, stressed and frazzled. Not this time.

My few new best friends come in the form of a frozen pea bag and a foam roller. Honestly, the first time the knot in my IT Band went over the roller I thought I was going to cry from the pain. I’m MUCH better now, zero pain anywhere, at any point of the day. Ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll, ice, stretch, foam roll… you get it, hence the point of the thread title. 😉

This past weekend we went up to Oklahoma City one last time, and while at the running store I was able to pick the brain of a very accomplished runner. Talking with her definitely put my mind at ease, as I appear to have nipped this in the bud. I can’t imagine trying to run through this pain, or even worse, having my stubborness sideline me for 12 weeks.

While I’m already back to feeling 100%, I am incredibly nervous about getting out there. I am definitely not getting out there until Wednesday [full week] and when I do, I plan on going a 1.5ish, a tad slower than my normal pace. Stretching will be done, as well as really focusing on my form. Until then, I’ll be staring longingly at my running log, hoping to jot another positive entry down soon.

Groundhog Day

Really? Really?? [injury related]

Body – I will never hurt you again. Please get better soon. I promise that from now on I will stretch you before and after every run for at least 10 minutes. I will do yoga every other day, as well as strength training. Body, I will give you more rest, listen to you better, and I will even start reaching out of my comfort zone to start cross training. Just please Body, heal my knee and hip so I can run again. Running is all I want to do, and I’m more than willing to take care of you better, if it means doing everything I just mentioned. Thanks.

Ugh! Sometime early Wednesday afternoon my knee [and twinges in my hip] started giving me trouble. I can kind of pinpoint the pain, the type of pain, but I don’t know what it means. I have never been injured. Sure, I’ve had annoyances that gave me a few days rest, but that’s they were – annoyances.

This? This hurts. At first, walking was painful, as is laying my leg completely flat. I’ve been icing, staying off my feet and elevating my leg. Since, the pain has subsided a bit, and I’m hoping it’ll go away completely, soon. My husband can attest to the fact that since then, I’ve been a bratty kid that was sulks around, throwing all kinds of crazy ideas around. I’m convinced I have torn ligaments, snapped tendons, deteriorating kneecaps, which mean my leg needs to be amputated.

Being injured sucks. Honestly, I can’t exactly tell what I have. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s ITBS, but I’m also reading stuff about runner’s knee that fit the mold. Either way, I am unamused, and this needs to fixed ASAP. Remember what I’ve said about not having patience? This is really going to test it. I’ve read healing this could be 6 or 8 weeks, while others run with a lingering pain. I’m not doing that. This issue will be dealt with, and I don’t want to have to keep putting up with it.

*sigh* Until then, I’ll just live vicariously through all of you amazing running bloggers.

Really? Really?? [injury related]

Thankful Thursdays

I can’t believe I’m doing this 2 weeks in a row. I usually forget about stuff like this…

Let’s see.

Rice Works chips. I ate an entire bag of Sweet Chili last night and totally ruined my dinner. 700 calories have never tasted so good, and to be honest, I don’t feel disgusting like I normally would after eating an entire bag of chips. if you have never had these you MUST check them out, ASAP. For those of you who were wondering – they are gluten free, and all but the Baked Cinnamon and Parmesan & Sundried Tomato flavors are vegan.  😉

– Mugs. You can use them for anything. Cereal, oatmeal, coffee, ice cream, pencil holders, coin collectors. So versatile. I have a TON of mugs. Honest. I LOVE the handmade ones, the huge latte ones, and quirky ones you can’t find just anywhere.  My husband has banned me from buying any more. In fact, his exact words when I broke my favorite mug – “I will allow you to buy ONE more”. Hmph. Ten bucks says he wouldn’t notice if I bought one.

– DVR. Who else needs every single episode of King of the Hill recorded? What if we missed something on Jersey Shore? And Modern Family!? I can’t even fathom…

– Countdowns. They give you something to look forward too, and they are infinitely better than ‘count ups’. In case anyone is keeping track, we are officially into the SINGLE DIGITS on getting the heck out of this place!!

– Sesame Street. When we watch it, I can tell that the kiddo picks up on things. I’ll admit right now that I will use the tv to do a quick chore while she’s is entranced. I can’t necessarily say I like it, but she really enjoys throwing clean, folded clothes around… So to have her occupied for 10 minutes helps. Just be careful, because sometimes there will be a catchy tune that could get stuck in your head for say, oh, 8 miles.

– Local Running Stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love the discounts and wider selection of various online running shops. But when you start going to a local running store, you’re met with an incredibly friendly staff who don’t mind chatting you up. The “local” place we found here is 1.5 hours away, but Red Coyote is worth it. They can be added to the ongoing list of running places I will love; like Up and Running in Dayton, OH and Roger Soler’s Sports in San Antonio, TX.

Baxyl. Because my joints suck, and I need this stuff. Either this stuff actually works, or it’s playing tricks on my subconscious. I forget to take it for a couple of days, and my knee starts acting up. JUST SAYIN’.

Sadly, I can’t think of anymore stuff. Not because I’m not thankful, just because I’m drawing a blank. 🙂 I took yesterday off, so here’s to hoping I can run later tonight. I should probably start doing knee strengthening and random leg workouts. Can’t a girl just run!? 😦

Thankful Thursdays