Rice Cakes, as Promised. Amongst Other Things.

First off, [Ross voice] have you ever seen bananas so green??! Ridiculous. I’m going to have to wait, like a week, minimum.

Second, I got those rice cakes. 3 flavors, and yes, I’ve already sampled them all because I was excited to dig in and couldn’t wait. They are all delicious, but my favorite is the blueberry pomegranate. Silly is a fan of the apple cinnamon ones, and we’ve pretty much split the bag already. She calls them cookies, and I’m totally ok with that.

Thirdly, 9 months from now I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon. So excited. I thought about saying “9 months from now is a big day” but pregnancy rumors would by flying, and that’s a no go. Gotta be specific sometimes.

I’m off for now – be advised we’re [along with everyone else in the States] supposed to have a huge storm (I use “huge” loosely here) and we might lose power. There’s literally freezing rain hitting the windows right now, and it’s thundering like crazy. What an odd combination. So if you don’t hear from me until like, thursday… A) lucky you B) please pray for me. This probably means no running until its better out, and well, UGH. It was 80 on Saturday. EIGHTY.

Are you expecting weather?? Are you going to brave the elements to run anyway?

Rice Cakes, as Promised. Amongst Other Things.

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